At the age of 24, he inherited the property from his mother… and from his squatter, “I can spend the winter on the street”

Megan Lombard received his mother’s house located in Fressenneville, near Abbeville in heritage. He confronted a tenant who hadn’t paid rent in months, but he refused to leave. He will not be expelled because of winter break. The young lady it needs a house, because he no longer does anything financially. He risks spending the winter outside, while his squatter lives in the warm. Distraught, because the authorities had abandoned him, the girl led her fight, alone.

A fight he led for his mother

The story begins with Danièle, Mégane Lombard’s mother, making a decision leave home to live with partner. He took his daughter to live with him. Very quickly, the latter was able to rent his house in 2021 without an intermediary to an acquaintance. But at one point, his tenant stopped paying rent.

At the beginning of 2022, Mégane’s mother succumb to the pain.

“My mother started deportation proceedings in her lifetime, showing me her file on her hospital bed. I took the file after her death.

In fact, after Daniele’s death, Mégane inherits the house which his mother rented. However, he could not enter the house he now owned.

This tenant became a squatter truth He refuses to leave and accepts the protection of the law. In fact, winter break started on November 1 and won’t end until March 31, 2023. This no right to chase this one at this time. He must wait for spring to do so.

On April 1, Mégane Lombard was summoned to court. But his tenant did not show up. The hearing was adjourned. Then a judgment of June 16, ordered the eviction of the squatter accompanied by an obligation that pay the remaining rent, i.e. 11,500 euros.

But the girl said:

“Now I am homeless because the eviction procedures take an unimaginable amount of time. A long procedure until the eviction. »


The sub-prefect was on the side of the squatter

“I have struggled for months to make phone calls. I would move heaven and earth to get him fired before winter break,” the owner moaned.

He thought about that the sub-prefect of Abbeville can help him.

“The latter, very understanding, told me to do everything possible for the expulsion as soon as possible,” he said.

But his thin hope was cast aside because ofpersonnel changes.

“I was told about the change of sub-prefect and I was told that the new sub-prefect did not want to give him an agreement and refused to evict the tenant. How is this possible? “, he says.

Christine Royer, new sub-prefect, underlined:

“I do not want to sign this dismissal on the eve of the entry into force of the winter vacation”.

In summary, this the tenant does not want to live in poverty this winter, with no proposal for relocation from the owner.

In anger, Mégane Lombard descends:

“As for me, can I spend the winter on the street? »

Overwhelmed by the situation, the 24-year-old has lost faith in justice.

“I was helpless and devastated. I’m fed up. This gentleman has the right to spend winter break in the heat and I in the outdoors! He is wrong in every way. Why do we help him? »

Mégane Lombard wants justice for her mother

Currently, Mégane Lombard lives in poverty. He had to stop his studies to work in the Lille region. Due to his delicate financial situation, he even had to ask his friends to set him up.

Megan knew that cannot rely on the government for help. He moved to Fressenneville and hung some banners in front of the house where the squatter lived. These are messages like “Hot squatter” or “Owner on the street”. Obviously, until now, the entrance is always padlocked.

He even built a tent and two stools in front of the house. He intending to continue his efforts“the time he’s not out”.

“My mother fought and sacrificed for this house. I cannot remain passive and passive,” she said.


But Mégane is worried. A window in the roof it’s like tomorrow all the time.

“In what state can I find the house?”, he is angry, there is no way to carry out the work.

He also launched a question, by way ofan SOS on Facebookwho said :

“What else do you need to make it move?”.

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