Discovery of horses and ponies, in Riec-sur-Bélon – Quimperlé

Neighbors give them apples, carrots, chestnuts. One thing is certain, the horses have found their place, in the fields along the rue des Moulins, in Riec-sur-Bélon. About fifteen horses – including the donkey Kikite – have lived here since June 2022. They are the young protégés of the three founders of the Equi-phémère association. Annie Roudaut is an equestrian instructor by trade; Awena Guilcher wants to be one and Gwendoline practices animal meditation and equitherapy. “We want to share our passion”, sums up Annie. Some were rescued from the slaughterhouse, others were picked up after being abandoned. There are also those who are too old to be hired in the summer: “They are too old to work five or six hours a day, but can still take a few rides. It’s depressing to leave them with nothing to do,” thought Annie.

Baptisms from 4 years of age

On the program of activities: “We offer baptisms for children,” says Annie. And if the animals impress the children, don’t panic. “There is no obligation to ride the horses, everyone will go at their own pace. If they want, they can just watch the animals or walk them,” explained one who, as a child, wanted to offer this type of approach. “We put a bandage on the animal, the child puts a bomb (riding helmet, editor’s note) and we go for a walk. Generally, they ask to go up after fifteen minutes,” he assures. Parents accompany their child for a walk, which takes about an hour and a half.

Insiders also have a place here: “We offer walks and half days where riders can do aerobatics, dressage, walks with chestnut harvesting as long as it’s the season”, continues said Annie. While adapting to each other’s preferences and levels.

“We offer baptisms for children. There is no obligation to ride the horses, everyone goes at their own pace. If they are afraid, they can only look at the animals or take them for a walk”.

The head is full of projects

And they don’t intend to stop there; many projects are running in the heads of the three lovers. “We want to create a mini-farm with mini-animals”, this will be part of Awena: “the mini-goat will arrive in December”, announces the rider who would like to see the workforce grow with other mini- animals. He also hopes to offer courses and shows from the summer of 2023. “I will pass the horse trainer diploma,” predicts Awena. “I really like to work with children, able and disabled”. Moreover, it is towards the schools that they want to turn to. “I want the students to come and explore the site, or we can go there with Mimiss (the falabella, miniature horse breed) and explain different things about the horses,” said Annie Roudaut , which also contemplates a cross.

At this moment, the three friends must overcome the obstacle of financial costs. Donations, entertainment and generosity are the recipe for Equi-phémère. Also, in the coming months, a saddlery should see the light of day. One thing is certain: “We cannot leave this beautiful place closed”.

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