Sport: through rugby, Montpellier makes links with Australia

Michaël Delafosse was received at the Australian Embassy in Paris on the eve of the match between France and the Wallabies. (©CN/Metropolitan)

While facing the XV of France the wallabies this Saturday night (9 pm) in a test match at the Stade de France, Michael Delafosse is traveling to Paris yesterday to sign a partnership in between Montpellier and Australian Rugby Federation in the view of Rugby World Cup 2023 and of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In the context of the recent crisis between the two countries, and the framework of the australian embassyit is also an opportunity to establish relationship beyond sports.

The Wallabies in Montpellier

Friday afternoon, the mayor and president of the metropolis of Montpellier was welcomed at the Australian Embassy in Paris to sign a partnership with the Australian rugby federation. A major sport in the country, the arrival of several Wallabies players also created a bit of a stir inside the embassy.

It should be the same in Montpellier as the Australian team will train there from August 17 to 24, 2023 as part of the preparations for the Rugby World Cup which will take place from September 8 to 28. October 2023 in France, before joining their base camp in Saint-Étienne. Like the Samoans, who chose Montpellier as their base camp, they will benefit from the facilities of the GGL Stadium, where sessions are open to the public, and the Antigone Olympic swimming pool will be available for recovery.

The Wallabies will be welcomed in Montpellier.
The Wallabies will be welcomed in Montpellier. (©CN/Metropolitan)

The Wallabies came to Montpellier in 2007 and the federation will live on in its fond memories. “Our rugby team lifted the Brennus Shield for the first time. You will be welcomed in a city that loves the oval ball. All sports lovers and kids will have their eyes light up when they see you practice or occasionally sign an autograph. Sport is a universal language for uniting people” said Michaël Delafosse to the Australian players present, who did not fail to point out, with a subtle splash of Paris in the background accompanying the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower offered by the Australian Embassy: “You can count on Montpellier’s climate and its 300 days of sunshine a year, and above all the warmth and enthusiasm for sport of the inhabitants of Montpellier”.

France – Australia, relationship beyond sport

“Based on our shared ambition and the unifying power of sport, but also the economic and development opportunities that sport provides us, the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of France announced that the enhanced cooperation in sport will be part of bilateral relations between France and Australia. Today we are witnessing a concrete example of this cooperation,” underlined the Australian Ambassador to France Gilian Bird.

As Rugby Australia chairman Hamish McLennan indicated in his speech, there is something to rebuild between Australia and France. The submarine crisis (note: in September 2021 the previous Australian government scrapped a 2016 contract with France estimated at €56bn for the delivery of twelve conventional submarines) has since been eased after Labor Anthony’s May 2022 election Albanese as Prime Minister. “Saturday night is a historic match between France and Australia intended to be held under the sign of friendship,” he underlined and also thanked: “Australia will host the Rugby World Cup in 2027. It is thanks in particular with the French Rugby Federation that we got this privilege. This is how cooperation pays off. I am convinced that the Rugby World Cup in France will be successful, just like in Australia. These will be two events that will strengthen the economic relationship between two countries”.

Gilian Bird, Ambassador of Australia to France, Michaël Delafosse, Mayor and President of Montpellier Métropole, and Hamish McLennan, President of Rugby Australia.
Gilian Bird, Ambassador of Australia to France, Michaël Delafosse, Mayor and President of Montpellier Métropole, and Hamish McLennan, President of Rugby Australia. (©CN/Metropolitan)

Speaking to Gilian Bird and other Australian interlocutors, Michaël Delafosse confirmed this desire: “This signature already requires other commitments in the field of sport but other ways are beginning to appear “. The Australian ambassador mentioned his desire to go to Montpellier and Michaël Delafosse will soon meet his counterpart from Melbourne. “This is a city that operates 500 trams in its network and applies… free transportation to the Central Business District (note: an area of ​​1.79 km2 more than 7,694 km2 of Melbourne)” he slipped. Contacts will also be made with Business France to support companies and strengthen links in the research field.

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At the meeting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Labeled in a joint application with Millau and Sète, Preparation Center for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Montpellier will also host Australia’s men’s and women’s rugby sevens teams as part of this partnership. It has been announced that the French judo team will prepare there. A national fencing federation and a full delegation from a major country in the southern hemisphere should be involved as soon as possible when others are showing great interest in the quality of the infrastructure proposed for the twenty disciplines, Olympic and Paralympic, in between the sea in Sète, nature sports in Millau and urban facilities in Montpellier. “We know this will help the hotel and restaurant industry. Team partners and journalists from countries will follow them, this gives Montpellier visibility and influence,” commented Michaël Delafosse about the possible fall.

In addition, Corum will host the 3rd forum on December 13, and the last in the provinces before the Paris Olympic Games, Terre de Jeux 2022. In the presence of Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris Olympic Games Organizing Committee, more than 3,000 unite structures (municipality, EPCI, network of French embassies abroad, etc.). At the same time, the “Enjeux des Jeux” congress – a social science research colloquium – will be held. A land of sports and international hospitality, Montpellier wants to be on hand for the next major sporting events to take place in France.

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