The complete guide to boosting your e-commerce sales on social networks

The health crisis has changed the buying habits of consumers. Today, they expect to learn about a brand or get products wherever they want, starting with social networks.

In fact, 78% of them are more likely to buy from a brand with which they had a positive experience on social platforms, and 77% would prefer it over the competition. Because of this, social networks and e-commerce are inseparable.

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However, selling on social networks is an art. To help you master, Channable shares tips and tricks in a brand new social commerce whitepaper. As a reminder, this corresponds to using social networks to directly sell products or services.


Succeed in implementing an effective sales strategy on social networks

If the benefits of social commerce cannot be proven, implementing this strategy for your e-commerce involves following a well-crafted process. This requires in particular to safeguard its product flow with professional photographs, clear descriptions and a good brand image. But before that, it is necessary to design an action plan to sell on social networks for your e-commerce business.

In this white paper, Channable experts share eight recommendations to help you with this task. The first is the design of a complete social media profile. Although it may seem obvious, many brands neglect this step. But an account with all the necessary information reflects the authenticity, professionalism and reliability of a company.

It’s also a good idea to join groups related to your sector. Whether on Facebook, or within online communities like Quora, Reddit and Discourse, this is a simple way to create new links with your target audience. This method is also effective for collecting data on potential customers and building your network.


At the same time, it is important to feed its social network accounts with quality content. This should be done every other day, if not every day. While it’s possible to create a post from scratch, it can also be a good idea to share user-generated or expert-generated content.

One of the main strategies we use in networks is to share engaging and informative content from experts or micro-influencers says Jay Perkins, founder of Living Fit, which sells sports equipment. In this ebook, you will discover the advice of some e-merchants. You’ll also get Channable’s other five recommendations for developing a foolproof social media marketing strategy.


Develop your e-commerce thanks to social platforms

As you have already understood, social platforms can be powerful levers for the development of your business, if you choose the most suitable ones. In its whitepaper, Channable devotes a chapter to five of the most powerful social networks today: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok. Each component is equipped with the metrics necessary to develop a successful sales action plan.

By downloading the document, you can get demographic statistics with clear graphics, the user engagement rate of each platform or even data on paid advertising. For example, you can see that last year, Instagram’s advertising growth reached 20.5%. It has overtaken Facebook.

To take advantage of the potential of these platforms, you can rely on the strategies set by Channable, and on the advice of experts. Laura Rike, Pinterest Strategist, for example, recommends that business leaders “ create and feed a blog on their website with content that proves they are an expert in their niche “. Concrete cases, such as DFS, the leader in sofas in the United Kingdom, also allow you to understand how each social network can help you develop your business.

This ebook will help you better understand the importance of social commerce. Going where your customers are is important today. You should direct them to your store on social networks or your website. To learn how to sell effectively on social platforms, download Channable’s whitepaper.


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