why customers may not be able to return any furniture or money

The furniture company, in liquidation, leaves hundreds of customers waiting for their orders. The latter try to organize themselves to find a solution.

Confused customers. Furniture brand Made.com will close and delist from the UK stock market on Tuesday November 1, pending the appointment of a receiver to carry out the liquidation. Based in France, the company explained that it is no longer taking new orders and cannot process cancellations, returns or refunds at this time. This leaves several thousand buyers waiting. Their orders of 500, 1000, 2000 euros and sometimes more are suspended.

7400 euros of order and no news

“We have made several orders in the last two months for a total amount of about 7400 euros to furnish our new house. At the moment we have also not reached what was done and we are waiting for delivery”, describes a user. in a Facebook group created to gather testimonials.

Made.com was last officially contacted on Tuesday, announcing its intention to appoint a receiver. And carefully revised elements of the language of its website to finally ensure, Wednesday night, that it can respect the orders in progress.

“However, we are able to deliver existing orders. Soon, we will send more information to the customers concerned”, explained the brand.

However, no deadline was mentioned, customers mentioned delivery times scheduled for the summer of 2023. When asked, the brand did not want to comment, referring to its past financial communication.

The delivery company that ensures its orders placed in France, VIR, explains for its part BFM business that it cannot continue transmission.

“We received a call on Tuesday October 25 from Made’s British headquarters to stop all activities”, underlined the management of VIR.

The carrier did not comment on the status of the orders in progress, contenting itself with specifying that a “large part of the order flows is computerized” before becoming physical: it considers that it does not own a large part of orders. (furniture, decorative elements) that have not been honored by Made.com.

So what can customers who are struggling, who want to return or get a refund do? The remedies are few and delicate. The first of them went through the banks: contacted, UFC-Que-Choisir refers to the recent example of the mattress manufacturer Eve, another company under English law that crashed the door without warning in its customers. The association advocated against him to “block the payment by contacting his bank”. But it underlined the uncertainty about the continuation of operations.

Once the payments have been made, it is sometimes possible to use insurance, included in the credit card offer of some banks: then you have to justify the fact that the order did not arrive or is inappropriate.

Disputing payments can be difficult in the case of Made.com, because the site works with a split payment service (payment in 3X without fees) offered by Oney, an online bank in France. And Oney, who paid the full amount of the order to Made.com at the time of payment – to be returned – requires a full refund from the customers concerned.

Consumers have also hired FEVAD, the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling, and its mediator, who can help find amicable settlements in case of commercial disputes.

ambitions failed

Made.com brings you the toughest times for furniture. Founded in 2010 by Julien Callède, Chloé Macintosh, Brent Hoberman (founder of lastminute.com) and Ning Li (future founder of cosmetics brand Typology), the brand has also been ambitious, leading European expansion since 2013, and going public in 2019. The company has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

But the clouds have been gathering for three years: after the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, which blocked activity, value chains remained disrupted in China, undermined by Xi Jinping’s “zero-covid” strategy. . Shipping costs are increasing. On the road, inflation in 2021 and 2022 in energy prices made deliveries more expensive, and made materials, such as wood, more expensive in the sector.

Even the giant Ikea is facing difficulties, between stock shortages and sharp price increases. Made.com, for its part, has gradually fallen on the stock market (losing 99% of its value by the end of October), increasing attempts to cut costs. The brand maneuvered to raise additional funds but the tense macroeconomic context did not allow it to find new money to relaunch. Not strong enough, his kidneys eventually gave out.

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