Jakarta – Padel, the latest fashionable sport, lives in Cilandak

Do you know padel? This very popular racket sport is a mixture of tennis, squash, table tennis and Basque pelota. Easy to access and fun, it has already gathered a lot of followers in Jakarta. We met Dimitri Burge, one of the creators of the brand new Racquet Padel Club of Cilandak.

What is padel?

Created in the 60s in Mexico City, padel quickly became popular in Latin American countries and Spain. It is inspired by tennis and is played, in doubles only, on a 20 by 10 meter course surrounded by walls and fences. Points are counted as in tennis and service is done with a spoon. Bounces on the walls are allowed, making it, in this respect, similar to the pumpkin. Finally, the racket is different, as it is smaller, full in the middle and has no strings.

Dimitri, can you explain your background to us in a few words?

I am Swiss, from Geneva. I worked for ten years in maritime transport and I travel regularly for my work. I want to move abroad to live abroad for good. In March 2019, I had an opportunity to join one of my client’s company and came to Jakarta.

How did the idea of ​​a padel club in Jakarta come about?

A year and a half ago, during a trip to Dubai, I discovered padel. In the process, I realized that many clubs are opening and the enthusiasm for this sport is global. In fact, it turns out that this sport has the biggest growth in the world in terms of the number of users.

Back in Jakarta, I was playing tennis with my usual partners and we discussed the topic. The idea started to grow in our heads and in November 2021 we decided to create a club. We are three partners, Rendra, Philippe and me. After finding the land, the courtyards were built during the summer and the official opening took place on October 1st. Since then, we meet every night to play. Above all, passion is what motivates us.

This is a project of friends, sports fans, who want to create something unique.

Partners: Dimitri, Rendra and Philippe

What do you particularly like about this sport?

Above all, padel is fun. My favorite thing is to see people playing with a smile from start to finish. In addition, since it takes four to play, we are led to meet different people. It is a very social sport that helps to make acquaintances. Our online booking application and our dedicated Whatsapp groups by level also make it easy to create a link between players. Without forgetting the “ladies nights” every Wednesday night which have become very popular. The club house is also a big hit and players can often be seen hanging out after their game to chat and have a drink.

Racquet Padel Club players
Racquet Padel Club players

Who are your customers?

We have mostly expatriates, of all nationalities, but also Indonesians. Since there are few clubs in Jakarta, our clients come from all over the city, and sometimes even from Bogor! We mainly have adults, but classes for children will soon be launched. A partnership has just been established with Lycée Français de Jakarta and padel will be offered as part of extra-curricular activities.

what’s your news

We have just launched our own brand of carbon racquets that you can try and buy in the club. As a nod to Indonesia, we gave them the names of volcanoes: Rinjani, Krakatoa, Bromo. They will soon have their place in the new dedicated store we are installing.

The rackets made by the club
The rackets made by the club

Another news, we will build a swimming pool next to the lessons that will be opened soon. The creation of a play area must be followed to allow us players to come as a family.

At the end of the year, we will also launch our first tournaments. The opportunity to come and test your level in a friendly environment. Do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram so as not to miss the next appointments.

Racquet Padel Club Cilandak

Instagram: here

Phone: 0878 5758 0675

Address : Racquet Padel Club, Cilandak South Jakarta Jalan MPR III Dalam No.4, RW.13, Cilandak Barat, Kecamatan Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

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