Soccer [N3] : Les Ulis stuns Linas/Montlhéry

CO Les Ulis made a perfect shot on the grass of ESA Linas / Montlhéry. ©AF

In a derby of the poorly classified with no relief, CO Les Ulis made a big blow by winning (2-1) on the lawn of ESA Linas / Montlhéry on Saturday night.

The drop of water broke the camel’s back. Annoyed by the decisions of Mr. Danglade, especially not giving a penalty to Tom Bouvil, but Ulissien Ouattara served but warned for the simulation (77th), ESA coach Linas / Montlhéry told him that spoke strongly at the end of the match in between Sang et Or and CO les Ulis on Saturday night at the Paul-Desgouillons stadium. Already allowed a yellow card following this fact of play, the Essonne technician saw the red and must follow the stands in the next two meetings of his team, including the 8th round of the Coupe de France against Paris 13 ( N), November 19. But if the referee of the match is not exempt from any fault, the ESALM players have a large part of the responsibility for their defeat (1-2), the fourth of the season (Editor’s note: the fifth if we count the match against Le Blanc-Mesnil who won on the green carpet on the first day).

It was cold in the first action of the Ulissiens, which was well converted by Alexandre Séné, author of a good control-strike sequence as he returned to the goal and was pressed by an opposing defender (0-1, 4th), the “Lino -Montlhériens” managed to equalize with a penalty from Pascal Léno that was justified after the fault of Dole (1-1, 25th). Well in place defensively, Ulissians will take advantage of the few balls lost by their opponents to put danger in front of Ali Lutumba’s cages. In their second real chance of the match, Mahamadou Niakaté’s men came very close to regaining the advantage but Séné, who started behind Kylian Baroudi on the right, was too altruistic by serving Yacine Bousnina, whose shot blocked by Adama Doucoure (34th) . But before half-time, Balla Cissokho pierced the midfielder of Linas / Montlhéry before setting up Ali Lutumba who lost for the second time in the match (1-2, 44th).

A dull second period
If Sang et Or show other intentions when they return from the locker room, this burst of pride will disappear. Linas / Montlhéry had no solution against a changed Ulis team. ” For once, we didn’t fall behind in the scorewelcomes Hamasili Camara, the Ulissian assistant coach. We tend to fall in the second half. We did it in training based on good sequences against Paris FC in the Coupe de France (1-3). Between a team that couldn’t make a difference offensively and another that managed its advantage, the second period was tasteless. It was until the 77th minute and this penalty denied Bouvil to lift the spectators of the Paul-Desgouillons stadium from their torpor but the partners of Pascal Léno, who could equalize with a header from a free kick by Ilyas Khairi (88th), will admit another defeat. That was too much for President Michaël Bertansetti: “ There will be trouble. We can’t go on like this. We tallied six points in the next three games. Therefore, we have to win in Mée next Sunday after against Brésigny (note: November 26) to achieve this but in our current state of mind, it would be complicated. »

Aymeric Fourel

LINAS/MONTLHERY – LES ULIS: (1-2). Referee: Mr. Danglade. Spectators: about 300.
The objectives : Léno (25th, sp) for Linas/Montlhéry; Senna (4th), B. Cissokho (44th) for Les Ulis.
Warnings: Baroudi (31st), Bouvil (77th), El Gachbour (77th), Cabrelli (training, 77th and after the final whistle) in Linas/Montlhéry; Manéné (59th), Dole (83rd), Seka (90th +2) and Les Ulis.
Expulsion: Cabrelli (entr., after the final whistle) in Linas/Montlhéry.
Linas/Montlhery: Lutumba – Tchabo, Doucouré, Khairi, Baroudi – Gbobouo, Roca (Romil, 62nd), Gabriel – Bouvil, Léno, Cissé (Lopès Marquès, 75th). Entry : Cabrelli.
The Ulis: Silla – Dole, Soukouna, Ouattara, Brafine – Manéné, Ba (cap.) – Séné, Seka, B. Cissokho – Bousnina (E. Cissokho, 84th). Entry : Niakate.

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