Boxer Johann Duhaupas opens a gym (Punch’ Fit ​​​​​​​​Academy) in Abbeville

The three companions of Punch’ Fit ​​​​​​​​Academy Johann, Sonia and Florian. (©The Journal of Abbeville)

For his retraining, the boxer fromAbbeville (Sum) Johann Duhaupas opted for a passion which he made his profession: sport.

The former boxing champion who retired in May after 46 professional fights (39 wins, 7 losses) took over the hall oforange blue rue Ventôse is located. A new gym in Abbeville called Punch’ Fit ​​Academy​​​​

Strength training, cardio, group classes

“In the beginning, I thought of a bar-tapas but the gym suits me better” confides the former boxer. “I had the opportunity to take over this room when the back was sold. I teamed up with two friends, Sonia and Florian, and we changed the concept. »

After several weeks of work, Johann Duhaupas and his team transformed the area to create a place entirely dedicated to CrossFit.

A CrossFit affiliate gym

The three partners actually set up a closed place completely dedicated to CrossFit. The gym acquired this trademark affiliation where the classes will be given by Dimitri.

CrossFit combines powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sports. The word crossfit comes from the contraction of cross fitness (cross training).

“We do a lot of learning movements, coordination and explosiveness. Work based on functional movements to improve daily life. Sessions are adapted according to level. The goal is to enjoy it’s everything,” said coach Dimitri.

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“There is a bodybuilding area with several machines supervised by Florian, a cardio platform and a room reserved for group lessons” referring to the former champion.

Group lessons that Sonia will give in around thirty sessions per week: “we offer Thighs Abs Glutes, fitness boxingfrom jump (on a mini-trampoline) or even 100% abs session “.

Punch’ Fit ​​Academy opened its doors to bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts on Thursday, November 3. “We will open other spaces such as the ring for the total opening scheduled for the end of January – beginning of February 2023” specified Johann Duhaupas.

Spaces managed by qualified coaches like Dimitri, holder of BPJEPS mention “weightlifting”, level 1 CrossFit and a handi-fitness certification (bodybuilding, adapted fitness and fitplak).

We can wear gloves with the champion

In this new Abbeville sports hall, a ring is about to be put on. Practitioners can wear gloves and helmets to practice boxing in free ring entry or by punching a bag but under the supervision of former heavyweight champion Johann Duhaupas. The braver can ask the Reptile to do one or more round(s) with them. The opportunity to realize that the blows even preserved and wet by a helmet sound even the strongest.

A room where there is also a rest area where it is possible to exchange in particular with Johann Duhaupas who will happily produce his greatest pugilistic memories like his anthology fight in September 2015 in the United States against the World champion Deontay Wilder.

The fight that propelled Abbevillois onto the world stage by pushing the champion to his last ditches and ending with a swollen face. Johann Duhaupas was stopped by the referee in the 11th recovery. Few boxers can claim to have fought so many rounds Wilder.

Punch’ Fit ​​​​​​​​Academy, located at 46 rue Ventôse, is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm Information. at 03 22 24 42 26.

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