Connected objects show their credentials to take care of your loyal friends

Practical or useless? The connected objects that have integrated our daily lives are of particular interest to our four-legged companions. From a GPS collar to locate your pet, to an apartment robot to entertain it when you’re away, to a self-cleaning cat litter that alerts us when our tomcat has done its business, imagination is certainly not lacking. on the side of manufacturers, playing on our attachment to our 50 million friends to attract! 20 minutes went shopping and picked up five of these sometimes unusual items.

The GPS collar to track your pet: Pet Tracker, from Invoxia

The fear of losing a pet that runs away is the fear of all furry animal owners. The Invoxia Pet Tracker is a monitoring of 15 grams (42 x 24 x 17 mm) attached to his animal’s collar or to an attachment offered as an option. With its six-month battery life, the small appendix allows you to track your companion by receiving notifications about their location, but more importantly to be alerted if they leave a predefined geographical area in an application. 119 euros.

The Invoxia Pet Tracker for cats and dogs. – Invoxia

Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker works for 3 years without subscription.
Invoxia GPS Pet Tracker works for 3 years without subscription. – Invoxia

Our opinion: French developed from Invoxia, this tracker remains the benchmark for tracking your animal. Without a SIM card (unlike other trackers), it uses the low-speed communication network to work. After three years of use, a subscription (9.99 euros/year) is required to continue using it. Batches of colored silicone ties are available for 15 euros.

The robot that plays with and feeds our companions: Rocki, from Obexx

Mounted on its four wheels, the small Rocki robot (18.5 x 18.5 x 20.5 cm for 1.5 kg) has various functions: stream on Wifi and in Full HD on your smartphone, photos of your animal; talk to him using the built-in microphone/speaker; make him play with his laser pointer; and even reward him with treats. This robot is powered by a battery, with a use autonomy of up to five hours. 199 euros.

The little robot Rocki supervises, plays, and feeds the animal.
The little robot Rocki supervises, plays, and feeds the animal. – Obexx

Our opinion: It can be a Christmas present for your little friend! Like straight out of an SF movie, this robot is highly maneuverable with its omnidirectional wheels that allow it to turn on its own. The Rocki can circulate on carpets, and even climb small slopes up to 15° inclination. Please note that this only works on iOS, i.e. Apple products.

The bowl that quenches the thirst of cats and small dogs: Smart Pet Fountain, from Xiaomi

With its circular water circuit, the Smart Pet Fountain ensures that your pet always has clear and healthy water. Its principle: a large bowl of water, which is constantly filtered with activated carbon, and in motion (it simulates natural runoff). From the application, it is possible to manage the power supply (continuously, or in episodic mode), but also to be alerted if it is necessary to add water and clean the filter. 79 euros.

Ang Smart Pet Fountain, mula sa Xiaomi<br />” width=”648″/><figcaption>Xiaomi’s Smart Pet Fountain<br />-Xiaomi</figcaption></figure>
<p><strong>Our opinion:</strong> No more dirty or empty water bowls.  Suitable for adult cats and small dogs, this fountain (191 x 191 x 177 mm) with a 1.6 liter water reserve meets the water needs of a tomcat for 4 to 7 days.  Convenient for long weekends or holidays!  For ease of installation, we would have liked to run on a rechargeable battery and not on the mains.  Please note that the fountain emits a small amount of noise during operation (30 db).</p>
<h2>The camera that tracks and destroys your dog: Petcube Bites 2 Lite</h2>
<p>To be mounted on the wall or placed on a small piece of furniture, the Petcube Bites 2 Lite camera (14.47 x 7.62 x 26.9 cm) includes a Full HD camera with a 160° viewing angle and 8x optical zoom, a motion sensor, a tank for 700 grams for dry food (like kibble) and an application.  Connected via Wifi, this coupling obviously allows you to monitor your companion(s) remotely, listen, or even speak, but also to distribute treats by programming rations, or by offering them when you want simple <em>swipe</em> on the screen of his smartphone.  Alternatively, ask Alexa, the Amazon assistant, to do it by voice… <em>159 euros.</em></p>
<figure role=The PetCube Bites camera also dispenses kibble.
The PetCube Bites camera also dispenses kibble. – PetCube

Our opinion: Petcube Bites 2 Lite uses the principle of the Furbo camera that was launched five years ago. Simple to install, practical and fun, the device remains a gadget and guilt-free to pet owners who leave their furry animals alone at home. Fun, it is possible to manage the distance to throw the treats according to the impulse that you will apply with the index finger on the screen of your smartphone. And be careful: a subscription is required to unlock some features (video history, chat with the vet – in English –…).

The luxury self-cleaning litter box: LavvieBot S, from PurrSong, Inc.

The task of cleaning the cat’s litter box(es) can be a thing of the past thanks to the LavvieBot S. Featuring a reservoir that can store three weeks worth of litter (up to 6 liters), the device is performs its own-cleaning every time the cat passes by: the waste is filtered and filtered, then pushed into a separate waste bin where a waste bag will be placed, while the clean waste replaces the evacuated one. A deodorant protects against bad odor for two months! 800 euros.

The self-cleaning Lavvie Bot S litter box recognizes cats every time you pass it.
The self-cleaning Lavvie Bot S litter box recognizes cats every time you pass it. – PurrSong, Inc.

Our opinion: Given the size of this litter (70.4 cm high, for 58.2 cm deep and 49.5 cm wide), but above all its price, one can clearly wonder about the relevance of such a device in our lives. .. and our furry ones. animal However, well thought out. Let’s add that the entry of the LavvieBot S can detect up to three tomcats thanks to their weight and alert, through an application, of their passing in the small corner. It is enough to monitor the duration and frequency of use, especially if they have problems urinating…

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