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Payment is decided during the online purchase process. Stripe’s recent survey reveals the most common mistakes consumers make. “An error-prone checkout process is like driving with the handbrake on: it’s avoidable and it slows down your businesscommented John Collison co-founder and president of Stripe. Fixing payment errors is easy and gets more revenue right away.”

Payment complexity deters consumers

Online shoppers want a quick and easy checkout process. The study indicates that 51% of French consumers abandon a purchase if the payment process takes more than three minutes. SOnly 52% of e-commerce sites allow French customers to save their payment method with one click for their future payments.

The survey shows that the majority (85%) of e-commerce sites in France make errors that complicate the payment process. Almost a quarter of French sites (23%) allow for example a payment attempt with an expired card. 74% of sites do not display security logos on their payment page and 82% do not follow up on customers who abandon their basket.

82% of shoppers surveyed add a product to their cart as a result of a cross-sell or up-sell strategy

Most (86%) e-commerce sites do not upsell, while almost half (41%) did not cross-sell. As a reminder, the majority of consumers surveyed (82%) say they are likely to add a product to their basket following a cross-sell or up-sell strategy.

The number of payment methods that can be decided for the purchase

While most websites offer multiple payment options, these are often wrong. For 97% of French consumers, it is important that an online site offers them the most common payment methods, while 82% often abandon their shopping cart if their preferred payment method is not available . In France, 20% of e-commerce sites do not allow customers to pay with a bank card, the most popular payment method in the country.

20% of e-commerce sites in France do not offer payment by credit card

In addition to card payments, The French prefer bank transfer (16%), direct debit (11%) and finally Apple Pay (8%). PayPal is offered by 83% of merchant sites. The adjustment “Buy now, pay later” is also becoming popular: 51% of French people say they are more likely to complete a purchase if a BPNL offer is available, while 90% of French e-commerce sites do not offer them Again .

Online shopping via smartphone

48% of consumers in France prefer their mobile phone to their computer to find and buy products online. gold, 6% of websites are not yet suitable for a mobile interface. 17% of French sites have at least one mobile optimization error such as the non-support of Apple Pay and Google Pay in 97% of cases, but also the impossibility of displaying a numeric keypad to enter information on mobile payment cards for 13% of sites. Almost three quarters of French consumers (72%) say they use social networks to buy online. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are also the most used platforms for making purchases with more than 43% of customers using them.

Omnichannel strategies and subscriptions

In France, 72% of e-commerce sites say they have adopted an omnichannel strategy, offering customers the option to reserve a product online and pay for it in store (click and collect), or pay online and pick up the product in store ( pay and collect). This is the highest share among the European countries analyzed. Online subscriptions are opportunities for companies to retain their customers and thus ensure regular income.

80% of consumers do not consider subscribing to an online subscription

In fact, 76% of the French say they subscribe (and therefore pay) to an online service, including 60% of them to consume online media or entertainment. Errors in the payment process are still present: 21% of the subscription sites analyzed in the Stripe study had three major errors in their transactional process. 4 out of 5 French customers (80%) experienced a negative event that prevented them from purchasing a subscription service. 23% of respondents are prevented from subscribing when they cannot manage the subscription online by themselves (eg when they have to speak to an agent to cancel/change their subscription). More than a quarter of respondents (28%) regret not being notified when the price of their subscription service changes. In addition, only 43% of subscription websites offer a free trial and 20% do not offer a long-term commitment, so many opportunities to attract new customers. Finally, 31% of membership sites require manual address entry, which may create additional obstacles and extend the payment period.


Stripe study conducted on 1,600 e-commerce sites. The survey asked 1,600 consumers about their online shopping preferences.

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