FC Drouais returns to its suspensions, C’Chartres Football changes pace, Ymonville appeals for donations… Football rumors in Eure-et-Loir

Accustomed to training every morning during the Jean-Pierre Papin era, the C’Chartres Football collective had to adapt to a different rhythm. With the new coach Pierre-Yves David, who had a winning return this Saturday, November 5 in Évreux (0-1) on the 9th day of N2, the weekly menu will change. Sessions are sometimes doubled, especially with video work and, on the day before matches, in the afternoon when the final rehearsal takes place.

1-0 victory for C’Chartres Football in Evreux: “very happy” coach Pierre-Yves David

The return of the outcasts

Allowed inside after a general match in which they were involved in a preparatory match against Val-de-Reuil, on August 20, Malick Ndongo and Oumar Ballo were returned to the collective of FC Drouais. “They made their mea culpa a long time ago and the club decided to bring them back,” explained their coach Gwenaël Maurice. Pending possible sanctions from the French Football Federation, which handles the case, but FCD has not yet been summoned, the two attackers played in their first official match of the season, this Sunday, November 6. , facing the Châteauroux reserve . If they did not allow their team to avoid a third defeat in N3 (1-2), they would be an additional asset in the race to maintain…

premium Fight in a friendly match against Val de Reuil: FC Drouais takes penalties before the resumption of the championship

Kambou, important return

He hasn’t been heard from since the summer, but he’s back in training and accepting the framework set by coach Samy Yahmed. Goalkeeper Dieudonné Zeresh Kambou, one of the architects of the great 2021-2022 season of CS Mainvilliers, continued his place in the R1 Tango group. And the Ivorian, preferred over veteran Franck Fontaine and Tristan Hoeffling, has been decisive. After allowing his team to return a 2-2 draw from Vineuil, two weeks ago, the goalkeeper released two parades this Saturday, November 5 during the 3-0 at home against Joué Touraine. When the score was 0-0, he won a duel against an attacker. Then, at 1-0, he converted a penalty!

Ymonville, the call for donations

Faced with declining revenue over the past two years due to the covid pandemic that has prevented it from organizing its usual events, Future of Ymonville finds itself in a tense if not worrying financial situation. To deal with this, the R3 club, whose budget is around €33,000 (with a €2,000 municipal subsidy), decided to set up an online kitty on the Leetchi site. In a few days, €690 was raised thanks to nine donors. L’Avenir hopes that this amount will increase further in November to facilitate the day-to-day operations of L’Avenir.

Toutay reunited the Greens

To celebrate his 80th birthday, Jean Toutay saw things big, this Saturday, November 5. The former emblematic sports director of Amicale de Lucé brought together many Greens from the last Division 2 era of the 1970s and a total of almost 300 people, at the Edmond-Desouches Cultural Center. Among the guests were Reynald Guégain, Farid Boudebza, Antoine Corgiatti, Patrick Bernhard and even Philippe Massot, Alain Braun and Yannick Plissonneau. But there is also a personality, former France team staff member Henri Émile, a friend of Jean Toutay. The evening brought back many memories of the great Amicale era. A few more tears…

Trebel played again

Surprise this Sunday, November 6 in the ranks of Anderlecht. While his dislocated shoulder contracted in a warm-up match against Young Boys of Bern, in August, was to keep him off the field until the winter break, Vernolitain again played 0-0 in Antwerp on the occasion of th -16 days of the Jupiler League. The midfielder came on in the 65th minute and had time to collect a yellow card symbolizing an unrestrained commitment. Proof that there is no fear of his early return. “Playing again before the World Cup is my goal. I won my challenge, now it’s up to me to work to chain matches,” said Eurélien to the Belgian media.

A futsal ticket

Before attacking its R1 futsal championship with the Portuguese in Dreux this Thursday, November 10 for the first round of an unprecedented derby, C’Chartres won its ticket for the regional semi-finals of the national futsal cup, this Thursday November 3 The team led by Adrien Gato qualified by winning 8-4 at Orléans Métropole and will travel to Orléans Futsal on Saturday 19 November.

Colas and Francou scorers

Fun coincidence, former Chartrains Erwan Colas and Jérémy Francou scored their first official goals of the season this weekend. In N2, the former contributed to the 5-4 victory of FC Lorient against Stade Bordelais with a tight shot from a tight angle, the goal of 3-2. In N3, Francou offered the point of a 1-1 draw with Brest at the Pontivy field with a shot from 18 meters after a solitary raid.

National 2 to Regional 3: here is the ranking of Eure-et-Loir scorers on November 6

Towards a defeat on the green carpet

The “b” team of FC Drouais is in serious danger of losing the benefit of its 0-0 draw against ACP Tours on day 3 of R2. In this meeting, FCD would have made a mistake by aligning eight transfers, against the six maximum, some of whom had already obtained their club license last season, but less than a year. The formation of Walid Boulabiar must be cut by two points, that of a draw with a penalty point, to find themselves in the penultimate place of group A.

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