FOOTBALL: After a shower of goals, US Camon (b) won against Villeneuve-St-Germain

The reserve of US Camon won with difficulty against Villeneuve-Saint-Germain this Sunday (4-3), for the 6th day of Regional 3.

The meeting was brought to 12:30 pm, to allow the first US Camon team to receive the Pays de Cassel, a meeting that was initially planned in the North. The kick-off was given in pouring rain and the players had to adapt to a wet pitch. The match logically begins at a slow pace, the Villeneuvois putting themselves first in the spotlight in the first corner of the game, well taken by Quentin Chive.

Camonois responded in the best possible way two minutes later, following the rise from Quentin Chive, Ben Condé M’Bemba head extension in depth for Sambou Toumany who went to the goal and tricked the Axon goalkeeper (1-0, 7′). It would take just three minutes for the visitors to level, with a free kick close to the top, perfectly shot Louison Romis for a teammate who puts in a powerful header: re-entrant bar (1-1, 10′).

Toumany Sambou, hanging here in the area, caused two penalties for Camon (b).

The match came alive for a few minutes and after half an hour of play, the draw was quite logical as the match was balanced. Villeneuve could take advantage if Youness Farhat did not see his strike just miss. But the Samaritans take advantage with a double Sambou Toumany (2-1, 37′). Following a good move initiated by Condé M’Bemba which sends a very good pass for Simon Raymond, the latter put him back on the spot and US number 10 Camon just had to settle the Axon goalkeeper. The Samaritans take advantage and can make a break before the break without a very good save on the line. US Camon (b) takes the lead at the break (2-1).

An advance that is still not controlled

Coming back from the locker room, Camonois Alexis Gaisse is broke on the surface. The captain Corentin Nagythe regular shooter, takes charge of the penalty and restores his team’s two-goal lead, with a powerful strike to the goalkeeper’s right that can only graze him (3-1, 50′). As against Margny-lès-Compiègne, the reserve of the US Camon was victim ” concentration changes “: in contact, the visitors project themselves, Fabien Montaigne cuts over, the referee leaves the advantage because the ball goes back to Bilal Bourbab who shot Quentin Chivé (3-2, 52′).

This goal weakened the locals and brought Villeneuvois back into the game. They regained trust and equality, the defense of Camonoise was deeply shocked. The Axonais striker sets up the Camonois goalkeeper (3-3, 59′). The visitors would have several chances to pass, Camonois struggling to get back into the game.

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Sambou Toumany was launched deep again, the Villeneuvoise defense struggled to manage it and Samarian hung on. The referee gives a second penalty in favor of Camon. Corentin Nagy appear a second time against Corentin Le Couviour and again victorious from the conflict (4-3, 68′). The Yellow and Black regained the advantage. The final minutes were stressful for the Camonois coach Frederic Bornoville : his players are suffering but will stay until the final whistle, to grab an important victory that allows the US Camon reserve to take first place in their Regional 3 group.

“A victory over pain”

Frederic Bornoville

The Samaritan coach prefers not to ” keep only 3 points, because the content is very mediocre. We outnumbered the enemy several times. » He stressed, however, the effort made at 3-3 to continue the game and get the 3 points in the last penalty. » Fréderic Bornoville also remains “one more game full of learning for young people, with a lack of concentration, things you should not see at this level. We let them back into the game and we put ourselves at their own pace instead of forcing ourselves. “His team has noticed too” is very weak defense and we also had a couple of chances to take the lead with two goals but we didn’t do it. »

Day 6 of Regional 3
US Camon (b) – Villeneuve-Saint-Germain: 4-3

US Camon (b): Chivé – Adam, Kdondo, Noel, Nagy, El Gachi – Bornoville, Gaisse – Condé M’Bemba, Sambou, Raymond.
Incoming: Meraoumia (46′), Daniel Cassamajor (70′), Danis Cassamajor (46′).

Cesar Willot
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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