FOOTBALL: New disappointment for US Camon

US Camon complicated the task against Cassel before finally losing in the last moments (3-4) for the fourth match in the R1 league.

New poor performance for’US Camon in its third loss in four games. However, Camonois got the match to a good finish by opening the scoring in the first minutes. Mohammad Ramla was on the receiving end of a cross which he cut perfectly (1-0, 4′). The match takes place on a wet pitch and does not facilitate deliveries, so it provides a battle in midfield. As a result, chances and passes are rare. ” Despite the opener, we were a bit behind, we struggled to manage the opponent » regret Titi Buengo. In one of their first forays, Casselois got an interesting free kick on the right side. This one kicks ass Dimitri Santrain, Kevin Rudent is at the reception and puts an irrepressible head (1-1, 29′). Following the equalizer, Novel Square lost the ball in midfield, the Northerners seized the opportunity and took the lead thanks to Dimitri Santrain which this time becomes the goalscorer (1-2, 33′).

Bilal Oualit scored the third Camonois goal of the match.

The game pack up in minutesCamon came back to score moments later, following a missed shot by Bubai Doucourethe ball returns to Mohammad Ramlaleft alone at the far post, only needing to push the ball into the back of the net (2-2, 37′). In this wonderful minute, Camonois regained the advantage thanks to Bilal Oualit who placed his shot well on the ground at the entrance to the penalty area (3-2, 40′). And it didn’t stop there because in extra time, following a new loss of the ball, Casselois got a final chance and Clement Boudjema The opportunity was taken to bring the score to 3-3 at halftime. Titi Buengo you agree” this goal we conceded before half time hurt us, again, it was individual mistakes, and it has been like this since the beginning of the season. »

A half-time with many facts of the game

The beginning of the second act is relatively calm, compared to the madness at the end of the first act. The The Yellow and Black begin to suffer and under pressure from the Northerners, they struggle to get the ball out properly. They were also not far from getting the fourth goal, Sofiane Delgove is blocked by a partner and his departure is blocked, the ball returns to the foot of a Casseloisthe firing lag is too long and Quentin Ducrocq must work to achieve a superb save on his goal line. The game seesaw when the captain ofUS Camon was ruled out for receiving two yellow cards, the Samaritans finish match 10 match 11 for a good ten minutes. Despite some timid attempts by the locals to try to grab the victory, the fate of the match would turn against them. In the final moments of regulation time, Clement Bogdanski land a very good shot in the skylight to allow theUS Kassel Country to win this game (3-4).

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We need to find solutions

Titi Buengo

It’s a match we can afford, where we don’t take points“, the Camonois coach regrets the state of mind of some of his players” WHO have to ask themselveswe don’t give enough to the earth, some don’t do the work. “He just stays” The only positive point what we can get from this match is that we scored three goals, if not for the level of defense, we disaster“. Titi Buengo already know” this is a bad markwe will not hide it, we see that we have to keep working and we have to know how to manage our emotions, it is complicated, this is football, we will ask ourselves and not give up, we have to find solutions. »

With this new defeat, Camon stops at the bottom of the standings (11th, with 3 pts). Camonois has one less game to play on Sunday, November 20 against Escaudain.

Day 6, Regional 1
US Camon – US ¨ Country of Cassel: (3-3)

US Camon: Rogier – Bangoura, Bihondi, Delgove, Ngosso, Leclercq – Ducorcq, Carré – Ramla, Doucouré, Oualit.
Incoming: Badibanga (80′), Mercier (60′), Megharbi (60′)

Cesar Willot
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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