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World Communication Awards: Sofrecom Tunisie wins the “People & Culture Award”

1eh November 2022, “Sofrecom Tunisia” won the “World Communication Award” in London in the category “People & Culture”, which is an international competition that rewards players in the telecom and digital sector in about twenty categories that encompassing technical and social. Subsidiary of the “Orange” group, “Sofrecom” supports telecom operators in their development and innovation. With more than 1,000 expert-developers, “Sofrecom Tunisia”, a major digital player in Tunisia, develops digital applications in agile mode for customer service, service delivery, network management, etc., and provides also of, strong “Data and IA” expertise . The award is given for several reasons, primarily the company’s efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and professional equality. “Sofrecom” differs from other digital companies by its corporate culture. In fact, two main points should be noted: programs to strengthen women in digital activities and the use of digital technology as a driver of inclusion and social development (beyond the traditional digital profession of telecoms ). In addition to digital activities for telecoms, the participation of “Sofrecom” in projects, such as “Tech for good”, contributed to obtaining this prize. “Sofrecom” Tunisia is working on Smart Agri projects, taking advantage of “Data and AI” technologies such as the project to detect olive tree diseases from satellite images and using learning algorithms of the machine.

Closing of the International DSI Forum: Prioritize initiatives digital

End applause for the 8th edition of the International Forum of Information Systems Directors (DSI) held on October 26 to 29, 2022 in Yasmine Hammamet under the theme “#Transform to Survive”. For four days, CIOs prioritized digital initiatives that can have a direct impact on the future of our businesses and at the same time on the lives of citizens. The approximately six hundred participants in the forum, including nearly 150 from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and 15 different African countries, were able to discuss a common cause, namely the future of CIOs who provided by CIOs. This edition is also an opportunity to focus on the recommendations of the 2021 Forum and its achievements. This 8th edition concludes with new recommendations such as strengthening cooperation between African countries to draw inspiration from each country’s experience, making diaspora communities a driving force for development and change. of our countries, prioritize projects for digitalization of citizens -oriented services (E-Gov, E-health, E-learning, etc.).

Top net: A new “Birou” solution dedicated to SMEs, SMIs and VSEs

“Topnet”, the leading Internet service provider in Tunisia and a benchmark player in terms of innovative solutions for supporting companies in their digital transformation, just participated in the 8th edition of the International DSI Forum, the unmissable annual meeting of African and international CIOs. . On the sidelines of this event, “Topnet” announced the launch of “Birou”, its new solution specially developed for SMEs, SMIs and VSEs, offering a simple and intuitive platform for business management , which includes invoicing tools, collections, quote editing, cost and stock tracking, etc. With this launch, “Topnet” confirms its strategy of supporting Tunisian SMEs in the development of their business, by offering them solutions tailored to their needs.

“Tricom”: shareholder of the company French “Local.fr”

“Tricom”, the leader in customer relations and B to B appointment setting in the field of E-commerce, announces its international opening, acquiring 10% of the share capital of the main client and strategic its partner “Local.fr” , which places “Tricom” next to the giant NJJ Capital, the holding company of Xavier Niel, owner of “Free”. A shareholding that will open new horizons and give new impetus to this wonderful story of “Tricom”. And to celebrate his birthday, a grand ceremony was organized on October 21, 2022 in Tunis. In fact, from 2012 to the present, “Tricom” has posted an average growth of 15% per year. In 2022, “Tricom” has 160 employees, more than 40 thousand appointments delivered, 24 million calls made, 2.6 million euros in turnover and 4 million euros in turnover in total in the group. In addition, as part of its deployment, security and innovation strategy, “Tricom” has just completed the implementation of its major Cloud project in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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