How to prepare for the arrival of a baby calmly?

Soon the arrival of your baby at home? If this news is a source of happiness for parents, it also signals many changes. Both emotionally and organizationally, the birth of a child is a real upheaval. So to prepare for your baby’s arrival, here are 10 tips to welcome this new life into your home with calmness and serenity.

1 – Opt for the right childcare equipment

Once you return home, you will need all the equipment you need to care for your little one. Diapers, changing table, nursing pillow… there are so many things that will be important in your daily life as a young parent. In order not to forget anything, it is it’s best to plan ahead and choose the right baby care equipment.

Don’t hesitate to ask along with midwives and childcare workers that follows you. You can also ask someone around you who has more experience.

2 – Think about baby bottles

Whether you choose to breastfeed your child or not, buying a bottle is expected. Plastic or glass, wide base or not, the options are many. Choose a model according to your needs and your baby’s.

Also, if you choose to pump, you have to choose between electric or manual models. To avoid inconvenience, also think about adding some bibs to your wardrobevery useful during regurgitation.

3 – Stock up on clothes

This is definitely the step you’ve been waiting for. Of course, you may already have all the new models on the market. But think above all practical! In fact, hope so lots of bodysuits and pajamas, preferably with easy openings. Adapt them to each season by choosing short-sleeved or long-sleeved models.

Also, note that sizes vary : Babies grow quickly and you may not have time to shop once your child shows up.

4 – Arrange custody of your other children

If you have other children, think now about arranging their keeping which will be effective when you return from the maternity ward. If you have a little time to put everything in place, discover the services of Kinougarde, specialist in child care at home, you should be fascinated. Picking up your kids when they leave school, accompanying them to their extracurricular activities, doing the housework, laundry or even ironing… it the organization performs various services with regular monitoring.

If necessary, you can too turn to a friend or familywho can take care of your toddlers for a few days, it’s time to settle down and rise again.

5 – Choose your future stroller carefully

This is one of those traps that you don’t think about. Once you leave the maternity ward, you’ll need something to carry your baby. So, when choosing a stroller, don’t miss it. Indispensable for long walks, or just to get some fresh air, whichever you choose must be manageable and practical.

If you are looking for an economical model that will last a long time, we advise you that set your sights on a trio stroller. It can follow your child’s growth and development until he is 3 years old.

6 – Plan future car trips

Also, you will have a suitable car seat is required when you leave the hospital. For this, plan a model in the right size and that meet safety standards.

Small tip: install it before you go to the maternity ward. This will save you from spending a good three hours in the hospital parking lot struggling with the car seat.

7 – Optimize your baby’s bed

In order for your baby to feel good as soon as he comes home, it’s important create a suitable space. Now is the time to choose a bed so that your child can have sweet dreams, and so can you. Cradle, bed, baby box… the choice is yours.

We still advise you to plan a bassinet to move your baby from room to room in the houseand thus watch over him while he sleeps.

Yan Krukov/Pexels

8 – Talk to the elders to prepare them

This is far from the easiest step. But preparing your elders to welcome the future baby is important to avoid chaos. To do this, regularly talk about your baby with older children, and include them in the preparation.

Layout of your future baby’s room, sorting laundry or choosing colors, your children will be involved and they will be less upset when the newborn comes home.

9 – Be up to date with administrative procedures

A word of advice: update all your paperwork before welcoming your baby. In fact, you will have more time during your pregnancy to perform any kind of administrative procedure, than between two bottles.

CAF appointment, hospital selection, maternity leave implementation… the list is long! Also consider learn about financial aid and benefits where you have always deserved.

10 – Get some rest before your baby arrives

Finally, we can’t tell you enough, but relax! Although childbirth can be exhausting, the next few weeks will certainly not rest on you. Take some time for yourself, receive help from loved ones and lift your leg as high as possible. You will be more relaxed and more ready to welcome this new person into your life.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember that the arrival of a baby is also prepared as a couple, if your situation allows it. It is not up to one of the parents to do everything, think everything, otherwise beware of the maternal mental load!

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