LIVE – Champions League draw: Too heavy for PSG in eighth

You can find the Europa League draw from 1 pm

The draw takes place here, with Nantes, Rennes and Monaco on the French side.

Luis Campos is taking stock of the transfer window ahead of the 8th against Bayern

Can we consider reinforcements in the transfer window? “The World Cup conditioned many of our studies on the transfer window”, explained Luis Campos, specifically mentioning the possible injuries during the weeks of absence of the players. “We are ready for whatever may happen in the World Cup afterwards, if necessary go to the winter transfer window.”

Luis Campos: “We are very confident and positive”

“When I saw the studies of some mathematicians, I understood that it was a high probability, I talked about it with some players after the match in Turin, explained Luis Campos, on the microphone of RMC Sport . It will be two great games between two very big teams in European football. We are very confident and positive. We will play two great games to reach the quarter-finals. For us, this is a great opportunity to show Europe is a good show. And in the world we are the best team in the world. We have a good coach, good players, we play well.”

Note that the battles will take place in about 100 days

With a World Cup and a transfer window in the middle, it is therefore difficult to draw definitive lessons.

PSG, “a bit of Bayern’s pet peeve”

“It’s a very good poster, explains “Polo Breitner”, a specialist in German football well known to After listeners. Let’s not forget that PSG has been a bit of Bayern’s pet in recent years. It’s not yet also a good draw to face PSG , even if the form of the moment is on Bayern’s side. At the moment, this Bayern is hard to take for PSG, but we will see in February.”

Bayern, only team with 6 wins in the first round

In a strong group, with Barça in particular falling by the wayside and Inter finishing second.

Bayern, one hell of a draw

but beware, Bayern is not necessarily the monster that PSG faced in the 2020 Champions League final, with a 1-0 defeat in the final. Lewandowski’s departure has not been fully replaced.


And Inter-Porto, sacred draw.

Eintracht Frankfurt-Naples

Big piece for Kolo Muani’s team.

AC Milan-Tottenham

This was the best draw for PSG to date. shame

Liverpool-Real Madrid

Another big cador averted for PSG.


This is the second poster and not the most prestigious.

Let’s go to the draw

The first poster: Leipzig-Manchester City!

And here’s a reminder of the rules, which you already know

PSG will play the first leg at home and in the return (knowing that the away goal rule no longer applies).

And here’s Giorgio Marchetti on stage

He oversees the draws. And so he to whom we owe the great failure of the draw of the 8th last year: remember, we had to redo the draw and PSG, who first drew with Manchester United, found themselves facing Real Madrid, for the result that we know.

Two celebrity guests for the draw

There will be Hamit Altintop and Andrei Archavine. But for now, it’s time for the presentation of the teams, which you know: there will be PSG, but in a dangerous second place, and there will be no OM, after the last cruel match in the group.

A draw to be followed live on RMC SPORT 1

And of course live commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

As a reminder, qualified eighth

Those with seeds: Bayern, Benfica, Chelsea, Manchester City, Napoli, Porto, Real Madrid, Tottenham

Not seeds: PSG, Club Brugge, Borussia Dortmund, Frankfurt, Inter, Leipzig, Liverpool and AC Milan.

PSG must face a seeded team, the odds depend heavily on the other teams: a team cannot face a team from their country or a team from their group stage: therefore, the PSG will not face Benfica. This rule also severely limits the opponents for the English and German clubs, which are valid for the eighths, while there is only one Spanish club.

After the Champions League, place for the Europa League

Three French clubs are concerned, as they finished second in their group in the Europa League, Rennes, Monaco and Nantes and will be heavy as they will be up against the teams that finished third in their Ligue des champions. The draw will take place at 1 pm

Pot 1 (second in Europa League group) : Manchester United, Midtjylland, Monaco, NantesPSV, reindeerAS Roma, Union Berlin

Pot 2 (Champions League third group) : Ajax, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus​​​​, Leverkusen, Salzburg, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sporting

Luis Campos is in Nyon

Luis Campos will represent PSG this afternoon for the draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League.


Bayern, the likely opponent for PSG

According to the account specializing in probabilities @MisterChip, Bayern Munich is the team where PSG is most likely to fall in the round of 16 (18.1%). Next are Naples (17%), City and Tottenham (14.2%) then Chelsea (13.9%). Real Madrid (11.3%) and Porto (11.2%) are the two teams unlikely to meet PSG in the 8th.

Note that Bayern Munich has a 39.8% probability of crossing paths with Liverpool, which somewhat outweighs the possibility of having PSG-Bayern, a remake of the 2020 final, in the round of 16 in a few weeks. .

More information here.

Finishing second in your group, is it really punishing for PSG?

Since the Champions League’s last format change, with the return to a single group stage (in 2003-2004), there have been nineteen finals. Of the thirty-eight finalist teams, twenty-nine placed first in their group and nine placed second. A striking difference, which confirms PSG’s handicap for the upcoming deadlines.

But Christophe Galtier’s players can still keep hope alive by noting that among the nine finalists who finished second in their group, six eventually won their trophy (Porto in 2004, Inter in 2010 , Liverpool in 2005 and 19, Real Madrid in 2017 and 2018 ). Two finals are known to have been played between the second groups, in 2010 (Inter-Bayern, 2-0) and 2019 (Liverpool-Tottenham, 2-0).

>> More information here

How to use print

The sixteen teams that qualified for the round of 16 were divided into two groups. That of the top seeds, who finished first in their group (Bayern, Benfica, Chelsea, Manchester City, Naples, Porto, Real Madrid, Tottenham). PSG is in the unseeded pot and will not face Club Brugge, Borussia Dortmund, Frankfurt, Inter, Leipzig, Liverpool and AC Milan.

In accordance with UEFA regulations, the seeded teams will receive the second leg. Clubs from the same country cannot play against each other, such as two teams placed in the same group.

>> Everything you need to know about the draw rules

The best and worst draws for Paris

If they do not fall to Benfica, Marquinhos’ teammates may fall to Manchester City and Bayern Munich, which are among the teams to avoid. Defending champion and record holder of coronations in the competition (14), Real Madrid is definitely a team to avoid. Especially the merengue club has not weakened since its triumph at the Stade de France last spring.

My opponent looks tough. Since the start of the season, Luciano Spalletti’s men have been playing fascinating and spectacular football. In a favorable scenario, PSG can also hope to fall to Chelsea, Tottenham or Porto. Although these three teams are not lacking in quality, they seem to be inferior to others.

>> The recap of the best and worst draws for Paris

What is the better draw for PSG? The opinion of our consultants

For Rolland Courbis and Jérôme Rothen, Tottenham will be the most affordable team currently in hat 1.

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The draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League will take place in Nyon, Switzerland, at the UEFA headquarters, from midday. We’ll find out who will stop PSG heading into the quarter-finals. Christophe Galtier’s players are now in their second hat, and will likely have to face a European cador in February 2023. In the game of odds, Bayern Munich the Parisians have the best chance of drawing. The reason ? The Bavarian club cannot face one of the three other German clubs – Dortmund, Leipzig and Frankfurt – or Inter Milan who crossed the pool, all in the second hat. “Anyway, if we want to go far, we will have to beat big teams,” nuanced Galtier after the victory in Turin, claiming to wait “serenely” for the draw for the round of 16.

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