this Iranian player challenged the regime and supported the protesters

Twitter screenshot @Vahid For his celebration, Iran’s player, Saeed Piramoun, faced sanctions.

Twitter screenshot @Vahid

For his celebration, Iran’s player, Saeed Piramoun, faced sanctions.

IRAN – A festival celebrated on social networks. While the Iranian team of beach soccer won the Emirates Intercontinental Cup in Dubai 2-1 against Brazil thanks to a goal from Saïd Piramoun on Sunday 6 November, the latter made a scissor-like gesture above his head with his fingers to cut their hair . A very clear reference to the popular uprising that has shaken the country in recent weeks.

For this celebration, the Iranian player is now at risk of sanctions. The haircut has effectively become a symbol of support for the protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the morality police for allegedly violating the Islamic Republic’s dress code, and the regime in Tehran is not used to it. . allowing athletes to take a political stand.

“An Iranian national team showing honor”

Especially since Piramoun’s act immediately provoked a series of reactions on social networks, where the player was praised for his bravery.

“This game and this victory can be forgotten, but this gesture cannot be forgotten. The honor you showed is more important than the championship”tweeted former Iranian international player Mehrdad Pooladi.

“An Iranian national team showing honor”wrote Ali Karimi, former Iranian footballer and Bayern Munich star, staunch supporter of the movement, sharing a video of Piramoun’s gesture.

The gesture was also taken and placed on the walls in support of the Iranian beach soccer player.

The Iranian player faces sanctions

The group of beach soccer had previously come to the attention of the regime for not singing the national anthem of Iran, as seen in the broadcast of the contest. A move that prompted state television to cut the broadcast, according to television channels based outside Iran. Upon receiving the cup, the team then stood idly by, not celebrating the trophy.

For this new position of Said Piramoun, the Iranian football federation announced that it will take disciplinary measures against those who do not avoid the policy on the field. “Based on the regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and (…) of the International Football Federation regarding the prevention of political behavior in sports fields, people who do not comply with professional ethics and sport should be treated in accordance with the regulations”he said in a statement.

On Monday, Iranian state media criticized the United Arab Emirates for not hiring “without measure” against the audience who chanted slogans “hostile to the Islamic Republic” after the game. “If this country does not respond appropriately, it will have to accept the consequences of this action against Iran”the newspaper added.

Sports has become a highly sensitive area in the protests, especially with the start of Iran’s participation in the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. In recent weeks, the fate of a climbing specialist who competed naked in protest against the regime has particularly worried the international community and pro-mobilization Iranians.

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