FOOTBALL – Benoît Sturbois: “The victory was deserved, the players put all the ingredients”

It is, not surprisingly, a coach of the Portuguese Amiens was completely satisfied that we found after the victory against Ailly-sur-Somme, in R2.

What is your evaluation of this achievement?

Our first half was very good. At least the first 38 minutes where we were really good. Since the end of the first half, maybe because of the efforts we made, we felt that it was more difficult for us to keep the ball. But it didn’t hurt us, we didn’t concede a goal.

In the second half, it was the opposite. we had a little trouble going into this second half, in a few minutes, even a quarter of an hour. We weren’t really in danger but Ailly played everything, fielding two attackers. It is also normal for them to grow but we are not worried since Demba (Gningue, editor’s note) no need to stop. And then, in the last half hour, especially when they took the red card, it was very complicated for them.

so I saw great collective mastery. In terms of instructions, throughout the week, we worked on specific things, and again, I saw them a little bit, it was interesting. The players are very well adapted to the physical challenge that Ailly-sur-Somme tries to put in place. The victory was deserved, the players put in all the necessary ingredients from start to finish for us to win this match. 4-0 is still a big score, but it’s not what I’ll remember. What I will remember is how we won this match.

4-0 is still a big score, but it’s not what I’ll remember. What I will remember is how we won this match.

Prior to the numerical superiority, not so many clear chances but capable of hurting once there was…

Exactly. We have many situations but less obvious opportunities and most of them have been done. That’s why we brought back some players. In this case, Micka (Despois, editor’s note) who scored a double, but so did Jonathan (Smart) or ryan (Da Veiga). If they are there, because we can be more efficient previous seasonswe had this cruel lack of efficiency that meant that battles like that, we can’t win them, or even lose them because we didn’t come true.

So, yes, we were effective, both offensively and defensively, and I want to remember that because it’s still a game without taking a goal. Everyone works defensively. We see people who don’t necessarily have the reflex to defend themselves doing violence to themselves. Everyone is working hard to help the team. It’s fun to look at. And not just when they have the ball. I enjoy watching my team play, even if he doesn’t have the ball, which has been a bit lacking in recent seasons.

You seem more positive than you see. This is a good sign after a good start in terms of accounts, although it remains to be confirmed?

In the last two games, 8-0, 4-0, if I’m not positive, I don’t see when I will be! Yes, there are still things to do, of course, but I really want to focus on what’s positive. Because the players are putting in great effort, I can feel the real power building as the matches go on.

So, yes, we will definitely fall, as happened in Chevrières, over the carpet. We need to come back very quickly and make sure it happens as late as possible. But there are a lot of positives to be gained from what I see. I think the fun of the players and that is the priority. Because if that’s the case, it’s natural, it can be followed, given the workforce we have.

Today, we do not take ourselves for who we are. I know that a season is long and full of pitfalls, injuries, suspensions, poor form, it can turn on us very quickly. I remain measured, but for now, we are doing the job and we are doing it well. We had a hitch which we fixed quickly. I ask to see the rest, I am keen.

You talk about a team that enjoys defending, is that what can make the difference in this championship?

Exactly, that’s what we’re missing a bit. We relied too much on players with a so-called defensive vocation, who did the job but couldn’t do everything. The effort is made from the highest player and the block. This makes the task of defense easier. And in general, by defending collectively, we draw less on the resources of certain players and, as a result, we are less tired, clearer. And that gives what we see in the last matches where we don’t score a goal and where I didn’t see an occasion where I was shaking.

Camille Poidevin has already scored 4 goals since the start of the season, in addition to several assists.

Is it also interesting to see Camille Poidevin adapt to the squad’s offensive efficiency?

He scores and is also a decisive passer. We exchanged a lot, he had this little problem of efficiency that he lacked. However, he is someone who works hard in front of goal to try to be as good as possible. Beside this, he is making a great effort, sharp call, it is very important in the defensive aspect. I knew it was coming. That’s it, he has leveled up, the others are stealing from him, he is more efficient. It’s good for the whole team. I encourage him to continue on this path because now an indispensable piece of our puzzle.

À l'issue de la rencontre nous avons également recueilli la réaction de Jean-Charles Suiveng, coach d'Ailly-sur-Somme : "Le score est sévère. Mais j'ai envie d'en retirer le positif, mes joueurs n'ont rien lâché. J'aurais voulu qu'ils soient récompensés au moins par un but. Après, on savait que les Portugais, ça jouait au football, avec des joueurs qui pour la plupart ont joué en N3, donc ça va très vite, techniquement, c'est propre et forcément, on a souffert. Malgré tout, je tire le chapeau à mon équipe. Les Portugais ont une capacité à faire mal, c'est tranchant, ça percute, les joueurs se trouvent parce qu'ils sont habitués à jouer ensemble. Nous, on sait qu'on a des carences sur le plan offensif, on essaie de progresser à ce niveau-là pour peser un peu plus, pour faire mal à l'adversaire. On s'est battu avec nos armes, mais il y a deux classes d'écart."

Interview by Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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