Heavy defeat for the U15 agreement between Sam Football and Mortagne in Perche in Aspres

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This weekend, the agreement was received between SAM FOOTBALL and Mortagne au Peche, for its second match in the league, Gacé in Aspres (Orne). The match will be complicated as the absence of several players has forced the club to make changes, and several players have found themselves playing in a position that is not theirs. Despite this, the blues boys are motivated.

But the beginning of the match was complicated, the opponent opened a quick scoring. The blues fell to a good Gacé team that possessed the ball and got many chances. The enemy is leading 5-0 at break. Halftime makes it possible to make a tactical change and remobilize the blues.

Best second half

Done, the blues stay motivated and focused. The second half and better, more present in the duels, the blues manage to create some chances. A very good second half in defense with many duels to be won. Despite this, Gacé would add two new goals. Gacé emerged victorious from this encounter with a final score 7-0. The next match will take place on November 12 and pit L’Aigle against Boisthorel.

This Saturday, November 5 in Soligny, the third league match was contested by the U18s at La Selle La Forge.

After a 2-2 draw and a league package, the blues pointed to last place in the championship, absolutely needing to react to climb up the standings. 10 players was called following injuries and absences. Johan’s players grew outnumbered. The club saw its first big chance 5 minutes into the game following a clearance from Roman, which found Antonin.

The latter would hit the goalkeeper’s area, giving away a penalty converted by Antonin. Opening the score and the only goal of this match, the blues will remain focused and in place during the first half without risk.

The second stage will obviously be more complicated physically and it shows, the blues will suffer waves from the enemy but will stay in place and united. Roman will make a great save, the defense will stay in place, big game for the whole team, a victory that is good for the standings. Success of Selle Saint Forge with 2 goals in 1.

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Between the weather, the very muddy ground, the lack of duels won, the individual mistakes and the poor passing, the Seniors B did not play well in their match. The 2nd half was a bit better but far from the level shown in the last matches. Yassin is able to save the honor in a corner. The club called on to hold its head high next week in the league.

Success for Seniors A

Matthieu Loisel’s colleagues received theAS Berd’hui. This match is a new challenge for the blues as the opponents of the day are before the start of the match at 1 point. In the beginning, SAM proved to be dangerous on several occasions with his attackers but the strikes could not find the target. Berdhui also takes the lead but Quentin fights off the danger twice. On the 30th, the guests are open the score in a counterattack. Sam Football responded quickly to a new opportunity. Dennis found the temporary Louis who managed to deceive the goalkeeper with a cross shot. The gap would have been big but Dennis found the bar. Half time 1-1.

The beginning of the second period is also rhythmic, with something new good intentions. Finally in one of them, Emilien overflowed to the side and, with a great shot, deceived the goalkeeper.

An effort that rewards group work. Because moments before, Tommy found the post.

As time went on, the rhythm faded and saw SAM resist the visitors’ chances including a strike on the bar.

An important victory for the rest of the championship and comes to reward a group that has been progressing in the training sessions.

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