Stephen Curry had a wild night in 15 games

The results of the night in the NBA

Wizards @ Hornets: 108-100
Rockets @Magic: 134-127
thunder @ Pistons : 103-112
Pelicans @ Pacers : 122-129
Suns@ Sixers : 88-100
Bucks @ hawks : 98-117
Blazers @ Heat: 110-107
Raptors @ Bulls : 97-111
Celtics @Grizzlies: 109-106
Knicks @ Balloons: 120-107
nuggets @Spurs: 115-109
net @ Mavs : 94-96
Kings @ Warriors : 113-116
lakers@ Jazz : 116-139

Dagger to the Hart

Damian Lillard, back from injury, isn’t the only Blazers player capable of hitting the buzzer. Served by Lillard himself, Josh Hart cooled the Heat in the final seconds on a 3-point basket in the corner. The end of the game between Portland and Miami was crazy, because before this stabbing, Max Struss tied it for the Floridians in both situations thinking about sending the game to overtime.

The Hawks blasted the Bucks 10-0

– The Milwaukee Bucks are undefeated! Atlanta knocked off the last undefeated team in the NBA this season. however, Giannis Antetokounmpo is back after a game break, meanwhile Trae Young is absent. No problem for the Hawks, who determinedly shut out the Bucks 10-0, something no one has done since the 2015 Warriors. Dejounte Murray (25 pts), but also and above all Duke’s rookie AJ Griffin (24 pts off the bench) did most of the work.

Curry activates beast mode to save the Warriors

– After a five game losing streak, the Warriors needed to get out of the torpor and this little crisis of results. Who else if not Stephen Curry to wake everyone up? Golden State got scared and trailed by 12 points at the break (and still 9 at the end of the 3rd QT), but the chief assassin hit 47 points on 17/24, with 8 assists, 8 rebounds and the shots to win with 1.3 seconds left.

It was this shot that put the Warriors ahead and overturned in the Chase Center on the money.

It took at least that to beat Sacramento and the tandem De’Aaron Fox (28 pts) – Domantas Sabonis (19 points, 14 rebounds).

KD breaks the line, Luka catches Simmons cold

Kevin Durant He had the free throws in his hands for the equalizer and overtime… Sent to the line with 6 seconds left against the Mavs, with three shots left, “KD” missed the second, keeping the Nets out a good shot within their reach. If Dallas wins, Brooklyn has the guns and is still leading by a short head at the start of the 4th quarter.

Ben Simmons came off the bench for his comeback, but it didn’t go well for the Aussie. His effect (2 pts, 3 rbds, 2 pds) is limited, but he also cools on Luka Doncic (36 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds), who was relieved not to miss his lay-up.

Tatum and Embiid on legs

– The rivalry between Jayson Tatum and Yes Morant kept all of its promises and the Celtics franchise player had the last word. Tatum’s 39 points, the author of two game-winning shots with 2.2 seconds left, allowed Boston to win at Memphis in a game where both teams had their moments. Morant (30 pts, 9 pds, 8 rebounds) fumbled on the final possession and couldn’t try to respond and send the game into overtime.

Joel Embiid the clame: the Sixers’ NBA season begins tonight. In the absence of James Harden and the return of the Cameroonian, who has been ill for the past few days, Philadelphia managed to surprise Phoenix at the Wells Fargo Center. Embiid showed almost his best face since the beginning of the season with a dominant score: 33 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and a heavy 16/16 at the line. The Suns looked lethargic and failed to break through the (for once) not-so-permeable Sixers defense.

No LeBron…no wins either

– Companion LeBron James rested for a game, we wondered if the Lakers couldn’t move to straighten their heads without their leader against Utah. Missed … With five Nunn-Reaves-Brown Jr-Davis-Gabriel in the NBA and Westbrook retained as the 6th man, how could this happen?

In his bloody attack led by Lauri Markkanen (23 pts) and Jordan Clarkson (22 pts), the Jazz blasted the Lakers, pure and simple, by scoring 139 points to confirm their cannon start to the season (9-3).

Again, if we remove the always correct match of “AD” according to his standards (29 pts in 11/18), the sunshine of the Lakers is Westbrook (22 pts, 5 pds), even his presence in field not translated into a return.

– The Clippers pulled off a small miracle at home against Cleveland. Leading by 13 points with 5 minutes remaining, Ty Lue’s players rallied and ended the Cavs’ 8-game winning streak. The Ohio franchise was completely off the mark at the time of the money and suffered the wrath of Paul Georgeauthor of 26 points and the 3-point basket that put the Clippers ahead with 37 seconds left.

These are the kinds of victories that are good for the mind on one side and show room for improvement on the other side in terms of managing the end of the match.

LeBron James admires the Cavs, the envious and nostalgic King?

But also…

– The Hornets started the NBA season well, but now seem closer to the Wembanyama Race than the desire to play in the play-in. Charlotte suffered its fifth straight loss on Washington’s floor. Even if there is none Bradley Bealthe Wizards are close to a balanced record (5-6) with the Kyle Kuzma (20 pts) in the main weapon, they have lost 5 of their last 6 matches and really need to recover.

– Of course, when Rudy Gobert is not there Anthony Edwards there is room to dip. But without Gobert, the Lobos become… Lobos again. Minnesota bounced back from a negative loss at home against the Knicks. The Randle (31 pts, 8 rebounds) – Brunson (23 pts, 8 rebounds) – Barrett (22 pts) trio fought against an inert defense, despite the “katesque” match of KAT (25 pts, 13 rebounds, 7 wt).

Evan Fournier played only 12 minutes for 2 small points, but the Frenchman’s playing time coincided with a big pass from New York (+15 differential). We assure ourselves as best we can.

– Like everyone else, the Spurs are falling in line and returning to reality in the NBA. There’s no shame in losing in Denver, but it was the third straight loss for Gregg Popovich’s players. The Texans have struggled with Michael Malone’s staff, but having a two-time MVP in their ranks is surprising. Nikola Jokic managed (26 pts, 10 pds, 8 rbds, 3 blks) to avoid a bad surprise in the Nuggets with the help of Michael Porter Jr. (24 points).

– The Pacers, they’re doing the opposite of falling down the line right now. Indiana picked up its 4th win in 5 games by dominating New Orleans at home. The man of the match was without a doubt Myles Turner, who spent all his frustrations on losing at the beginning of the season to the Pelicans. Turner, said to be in the process of leaving and still hoping for a plane ticket to Los Angeles, poured in 37 points with 12 rebounds, taking advantage of a good relationship with Tyrese Haliburton (20 pts, 13 wt) and its relation to Jalen Smith (15 points, 11 rebounds).

NOLA is a little less fancy these days. Despite the combined 55 points of Brandon Ingram (29) and Zion Williamson (26), the Pelicans lost two straight games for the first time this season in the NBA.

– Houston took advantage of its trip to Orlando to snap a 6-game losing streak. Jalen Green removed the rust that he had in his hands to hit 34 points and participate in the awakening of his team in terms of address (52.9% against 42.4% since the beginning of the season), with the help ofAlperen Sengun (20 pts, 10 rebounds) and Kenyon Martin Jr (21 points).

Paolo Banchero answered the challenge by scoring 30 points, as the Magic missed a chance to earn their third win of the year.

– In another poster between the supposed dunces of the NBA, Detroit knocked off OKC after leading by 15 points at the break. The Thunder completely turned around in the second, taking 64-40 under the blows of Saddiq Bey (25 points), Cade Cunningham (21 pts, 11 rebounds) and Jaden Ivey (15 points, 11 rebounds).

On the French side, Killian Hayes played 17 minutes for 5 points and 4 assists, whileOusmane Dieng struggled to fix the target (1/7) during his 20 minutes on the floor.

– The Bulls quietly dominated Toronto by holding the Raptors under 100 points. Zach LaVine (30 pts) was particularly strong after his rest match against the same team on Sunday, but played little at the end of the match due to a foul problem.

Defeat did not stop Scottie Barnes for hitting a pretty deafening dunk on the truffle of Nikola Vucevic.

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