A fine for a mother found guilty of harassment against a school principal

A fine of one thousand euros, including five hundred euros suspended: it is with this sentence that the criminal court of Bourges condemned, yesterday afternoon, in its deliberation, a mother of a family for moral harassment against a Cher school director. The case was argued at length in the previous hearing. Vincent Videlaine, the deputy public prosecutor of Bourges, expressed, in his requests, the feeling surrounding this type of file of parents of students to teachers: “They did not intend to be spits where parents pour out their bile. »

premium Mother on trial for harassing school principal

The director of a school south of Cher filed a complaint for moral harassment followed by total incapacity for work (ITT) for more than eight days, for repeated speech or behavior with the purpose or effect of deterioration of living conditions. health. The court also ordered a medico-psychological expertise of the teacher, which would be possible to quantify the damages. The facts that ran for a long time, from September 2019 to May 2021, stopped the mother moving and changing her children’s school.

The mother, aged thirty, did not try to hide her demanding and sharp character during the hearing. To him, defending himself, his behavior was normal and the various oral or written exchanges were in fact just simple discussions between a parent of a student and a teacher.

The director, defended by Me Eugène Bangoura, did not count the recriminations in the liaison book, the many emails and, on social networks, comments from the mother. Including about the facts that the teacher can’t do much. Like his emails that, according to the mother, fell into spam, so the recipient does not see. The teacher was also criticized for not sending an email on the subject because the mother couldn’t find her way around the dates… In fact, it was all the school principal’s fault, according to the teacher. mother, even if she puts her child’s falls on the playground behind her, torn pants, things piled up in the bag, the child who was hit…

Even more than dangerous criticism, the national recognition of Samuel Paty (professor of history and geography who was murdered and beheaded by a terrorist, in 2020 in Val-d’Oise, for displaying caricatures of Muhammad from the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo) was not satisfied. the girl According to him, the teacher should have taught the children to read and write instead.

For the victim’s lawyer, “the teacher is no longer a teacher in the eyes of the defendant, but his maid. We are far from the relationship between parents of students and teachers”. The teacher found himself in great mental agony, hence the expertise requested by the court.
The latter complies with the requests of the prosecution where the facts of moral harassment are constituted. In this case, a criminal composition (an alternative measure of prosecution) did not serve to calm the explosive spirit of the mother. The prosecution asked for a suspended fine of 1,000 euros, the court more severe. The mother has ten days to appeal this decision.

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