Arnouville. Illegal sale of puppies on, a man prosecuted for animal abuse

As the photos in the ad posted on show, the puppies live on top of each other in the trunk of a large freezer with a mulched bottom. (© Dr.)

“Staff red baby was born on August 24 for sale 550 euros non-negotiable. » The advertisement posted on of a resident ofArnouville (Val-d’Oise) has aroused the suspicions of Internet users. Concerned about the fate of these puppies, they alerted the Stéphane Lamart association for the defense and rights of animals.

This is how the investigation of the association’s inspectors began at the beginning of October. Then the latter discovered the photos accompanying the advertisement and noted that the first category puppies offered for sale were held in unfit conditions.

They live on top of each other in the trunk of a large freezer, the bottom of which is covered with straw. It is not known if the freezer doors were left open or they may have been locked.

Stephane Lamart

In the process, the association alerts the police services. On October 8, 2022, officials from the Gonesse urban security open an investigation to verify the suspicions weighing on the seller.

The announcement posted on aroused the suspicions of Internet users who alerted the organization of Stéphane Lamart.
The announcement posted on aroused the suspicions of Internet users who alerted the organization of Stéphane Lamart. (© Dr.)

This is how on Monday, October 31, 2022, the police went to the home of the 28-year-old man. “But he refused to come out despite the requests of the police,” said Stéphane Lamart. The individual was finally arrested on Wednesday November 2, 2022 at 6 am in an operation carried out under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office of Pontoise.

No puppies while searching

In the process, investigators continued to search the Arnouville family’s home, but found no puppy. “The man denied their presence in his home. We have no idea what happened to them,” sighed Stéphane Lamart.

With the help of the department’s canine unit, investigators seized two adult dogs found in a kennel located under the garden: a pit bull 8 year old boys and girls American staff one year. “These are the parents of the puppies for sale, Stéphane Lamart pointed out. They were scared when we picked them up. “While his association manages the two animals, they were seen by a veterinarian, before being placed in a shelter.

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Dogs are not declared or vaccinated

The investigation made it possible to determine that the animals were not declared at the town hall, that they were also not vaccinated and did not have tattoos and electronic identification chips.

At the end of his police custody, on the instructions of Pontoise parquetthe defendant was summoned to the judicial court of Pontoise for ill treatment of a domestic animal, carrying out clandestine work, possession of an unsterilized first-category attack dog, sale for payment of a first-category dog, having an undeclared attack dog, refusing to submit to judicial authorities or to enforce the secret convention of deciphering a method of cryptology.

Fight against animal trafficking

For Stéphane Lamart, whose association is a civil party in this case, this case shows a major problem in the illegal trade of pets that he blames specifically on websites. “Many advertisements for the sale of dogs or cats are regularly posted without any checks being carried out about the sellers”, they denounced.

Six years ago, the government tried to put an end to this parallel market and fight animal trafficking by imposing on any puppy or kitten seller who posted an ad online, a registration in the commercial register and Obtaining a Siren number (Business Directory Identification System) from the Chamber of Agriculture. In case of violation, there is no penalty for the hosting site (which is requested to withdraw the advertisement), but the penalties for the individual: 7,500 euros fine in case there is no Siren number, and 750 euros in case not – compliance with mandatory information in advertisements.

Requesting the removal of the “Animals” section on

A prescription that, if it limits the problem, does not solve it. “It is enough for fraudsters to recover the Siren number of a real breeder and the ad is published without any verification”, underlines Stéphane Lamart.

In June 2021, the association organized a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the website, in Paris, to request the removal of the “Animals” section. What the volunteers didn’t get, however.

In addition to online sales, Stéphane Lamart also raised another problem. “According to the statistical service of the Ministry of Justice, 70% of animal abuse cases are closed without further action while the files we file, like other associations, are solid. “On the sideline of a demonstration organized on October 5, 2022 in front of the court of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), the latter denounced that “many magistrates are still not sensitive to the protection and rights of animals”.

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