Buying high-tech white label products: how does it work?

Businesses are facing ever-changing and more intense competition. To maintain their durability and competitiveness, they use different marketing strategies like white label. In fact, white label products allow them to take advantage of the knowledge of the service provider, but also to personalize the offer in their image. In this article, discover what a white label product is and the benefits of this marketing strategy.

What is a white label high-tech product?

The white label product is sold by distributors under their logo and brand, but produced by a third-party company. More precisely, the manufacturer applies the brand chosen by the distributor or the consumer, instead of its own label. The finished product appears to be manufactured by the client company.

The white label service is used by small and medium French companies, communication agencies, electronic resellers, companies buying licenses or non-English speakers. This concept offers them many advantages. Check out some of them.

What are the advantages?

More often than not, companies allow white label products deal with shortage issues. In fact, this strategy offers them the possibility to expand their range of products while targeting customers according to their needs. Such an approach can significantly enhance the company’s competitive advantage.

Increase sales

The white label concept is an innovative alternative for increase sales and reduce spending on marketing strategies. It offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of products at the best prices. This method improves the company’s visibility to users.

Time wins

Using a white label service provider makes that possiblesave a lot of money and time when developing and launching new products. In addition, a team of specialists is available at all times if necessary.

Use EA Connect for your white label products

Is the brand you represent looking to expand its range of high-tech products? Or maybe you already have a product line and want to find a new partner? Either way, why not contact EA Connecta white label leader with a more creative approach ?

This company was founded by David Dennison in March 2022. From a Franco-British family, David is passionate about new technologies, in particular connected things.

He worked for 5 years in China in the electronic devices and accessories sector. During his years, he realized that an intermediary was essential to facilitate the exchange between Western companies and their Chinese partners. In fact, he noticed that these two actors were having a hard time making themselves understood due to language barriers. Also, the culture surrounding the business world is very different.

To meet this need, he decided to enter entrepreneurship and created EA CONNECT. With 8 years of experience in the electronics industry, David has managed to blur the line between private labels and national labels by delivering quality products.

Based in Poissy, this company benefits from a network of international contacts, a team in China and more than 80 production sites.

Corporate gifts: opt for high-tech white label products

Throughout the year, employees have made great efforts to develop and promote the company’s business. So they should be rewarded. A corporate gift allows you to value your employees to establish a long-term and trusting relationship. In particular, it makes it possible to thank customers and boost employee motivation.

In addition, a business gift is one of the contextually defining elements of a marketing strategy. He rboost popularity while conveying a positive image of the company.

However, it is not easy to find a personalized and original gift idea to thank employees or partners. Then it is necessary to turn to high-tech white label products. Whether it’s a wireless charger, cable, retro speaker, USB flash drive, Bluetooth headphones, putting a company or brand logo on these items will make you stand out.

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