Domestic violence in Tarn-et-Garonne: the mother of three sentenced for stabbing her husband

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Prosecuted for beating, scratching, biting and stabbing his wife twice in March in Montauban, the daughter of writer Calixthe Beyala was sentenced to 4 months in prison with a suspended probationary sentence.

Belted black dress, long flowing hair, Lou Beyala, 34, son of the Franco-Cameroonian writer Calixthe Beyala, will wait for almost four hours to be judged, this November 8 in front of the court in Montauban.

Prosecuted for the armed violence committed in March against her partner, the mother of three children who lived for several years in Montauban, made headlines after social networks tasked the replacement and the judicial police officer to carry out his calling in police custody they are “racists” (our box).

He took refuge with a knife in the bathroom

This Tuesday in the Olympe-de-Gouges courtroom, there was no question about all this even if the young woman tried to bring the subject to the debates. On the night of March 25, the police came to the couple’s villa, the mother of the family hid with a knife in the bathroom. “When the police arrived, they found that your husband had received several blows to the back of the head and scratches, a bite on the arm as well as two stab wounds to the shin where his jeans had a hole with a trail of blood, and sa the wrist”, summed up the president before suddenly interrupting the questioning.

“This is wrong! Tell the truth!” shouted the 30-year-old. “Shut up or I’ll continue without you!” storms the judge. The latter evoked the respondent’s addiction to cannabis and the reasons that led his partner to alert the emergency services, the mother threatened to kill herself with a knife in her bathroom.

“I took his medicine box or at least his medicine because it was methadone. I wanted to make him react, the violence was born when I took them from him, “said the defendant, saying before he suffered a sweep and blow from his partner just after. He pointed out: “As for the knife , I didn’t point at him, I told him to back off, and the blood was mine.

“However, the police clearly noticed stab wounds to his jeans,” the judge continued.

– This is wrong! the knife I have is a Laguiole that doesn’t cut, confirms Lou.

— Your children witnessed this violence, said the judge.

– It’s true, I’m often ashamed, we settle our differences in their absence, the mother admits making sure not to be violent and sacrificing her professional life for her companion by going to Montauban.

– When you take his medicine bag, you realize it was a psychological attack, intervened deputy prosecutor Anne Gaullier.

— It’s an act of chaos, says Lou.

— You know what addiction is because you are addicted to cannabis. If it is taken from you, what will be your reaction?, insisted the magistrate.

– I wanted everyone to see that he was taking drugs, driving the point home in the thirties.

– You can’t put yourself in his place. It’s like when you cut yourself in front of him: it’s psychological violence, explained A. Gaullier who, before closing the exchange, asked the court to read the reports of the respondent’s psychiatric expert in which his ” pathological disorder is related to his addiction to cannabis” and “his depressive suffering that blinds him”. The magistrate required 4 months imprisonment with probationary suspension.

It’s enough to make a thirty-year-old jump in self-defense. “I was the victim of an abusive custody scheme,” he said. “We are not being hired for that”, the president immediately interrupted. Pursuant to the requisitions, the deliberations fell into the night without the police having to retrieve the defendant from the courtroom.

A defamation complaint from the Tarn-et-Garonne police director is currently underway

After Lou Beyala’s post, the case gained momentum when his mother, Calixthe Beyala, relayed the facts on her own Facebook account followed by thousands of Internet users. He described the “Montalban police as racists”. A complaint was filed by the director of the police department, Régis Allégri. The case is disoriented in the hands of the Toulouse prosecutor’s office and follows its course. In the meantime, if the Franco-Cameroonian novelist went back on his statements by making a public apology to the police officers of Tarn-et-Garonne, his daughter filed a complaint for abusive – police custody.

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