What if Victor Wembanyama was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies?

On May 16, the NBA Lottery will take place. The 2023 Lottery, an event that has already been identified as one of the most important in the recent history of the NBA, because on this day we will know which franchise will be able to choose first in the Draft, on June 22 . Therefore, on that day we will know, logically, which team can draft Victor Wembanyama, a French phenomenon over 2m20 that even your aunt is talking about at Sunday meals.

Is it too early to talk about it? Maybe. So we’re going to talk about it every day from now on? It’s obvious. And to get to the heart of the matter, here is a small projection of the 2023-24 season, wondering what Victor Wembanyama can give… the 30 League franchise. For others it is utopia, for others it is quite possible and it is even the project, but there is no jealousy so we talk about everything. Now ? We go into Memphis Grizzlies mode, as if the Bear Cubs don’t already have enough hype.

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The current situation of the Grizzlies

In Memphis, basketball regained its rights. Barring injuries to Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Santi Aldama, Dillon Brooks, Danny Green, Brandon Clarke, Tyus Jones and Taylor Jenkins, the Grizzlies – currently 6th in the West with 7 wins for 4 losses – must directly qualify for the Playoffs. It’s been two years since the Tennessee franchise took April vacation: we’re a long way from the logic of the rebuild needed to welcome back Victor Wembanyama in the summer of 2023. And yet… no, nothing, yet. Getting Victor would be complicated, that’s all.

The expected (and highly idealized) major five if Victor Wembanyama moves to Memphis this summer

  • Yes Morant
  • Desmond Bane
  • Victor Wembanyama
  • Santi Aldama
  • Jaren Jackson Jr.

A lineup of opponent, nothing to add. We got rid of Dillon Brooks – a free agent next summer – and we slipped Victor Wembanyama into position 3. Yes yes, it’s good, he’ll man the wing. The guy can make 3-pointers on one leg at 18, he can defend Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum at 19. Where are the Grizzlies going with this 8.0 squad? All the way to the NBA Finals in two years. we already have Yes Morant who doesn’t mess with the lead averaging 28.5 points on 46% from 3-pointers at the start of the season: you add the biggest prospect in history inside and that’s it relationship 1-5 out of hell “Yes but TrashTalk, you just said that he will play position 3…”. Attach it. The coach who will welcome Victor Wembanyama will have to adapt to all game situations. If Jaren Jackson Jr. comes out and Santi Aldama, you send Vic inside to recover Ja Morant’s lobs. If the inside goes off the bench, Vic steps away and plays away from the circle. One and only rule to be respected: Vic plays 48 minutes. No rest, load managementno patati patata, grit-and-grind is a man’s business.

A place for Victor to go

We all had that friend in elementary school who grabbed our nipples and asked us to say “Elvis” and giggled at him as he answered “Presley”. In Memphis, Victor Wembanyama will have a chance to find out who he really is Elvis Presley by going to Graceland, the late singer’s home that has been turned into a museum in her honor. Why is an 18-year-old French boy advised to go there? One of Elvis’ sounds has a title If I Can Dream and dedicated to the singer’s cousin who played basketball in the nearby town of Memphis. This cousin was called Théodore Salssagnan and dreamed of playing in the NBA. The memory left by this 1m84 winger is that of one of the best university basketball players in the region, who was promised to the NBA as soon as he reached his majority. But here it is: his parents refuse to allow him to be drafted “too far from home”, but the Grizzlies were playing in Vancouver at the time. So there was no franchise in Tennessee and Théodore Salssagnan had to give up his Great League dreams. He is now a firefighter in Darmsbourg in North Dakota and lives with Séverine, a French expatriate and former then master for three shows, where Jean-Luc Reichmann praised the qualities of“historian”. Without regret.

Scenario probability: 5%

Except one trade incredible that sends the entire roster of Memphis (except Ja Morant), the legacy of the city and the sons of the mayor, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the Grizzlies regain the 1st choice of the Draft of 2023. Why did you write this paper ? As it may be impossible, the fictional relationship of Ja Morant and Victor Wembanyama will fill us with happiness. That’s the kind of criminal conspiracy we pay for with our League Pass.

So much for the Memphis Grizzlies in this edition of our excellent series dedicated to the Draft by Victor Wembanyama. Yes, seven months before the Draft. And you, do you want to see it go where the big Vic is?

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