What to do in Ille-et-Vilaine this weekend from November 11 to November 13, 2022? – Ille-et-Vilaine

Outings for Friday November 11

Exhibitions in Dinard

Exhibition of our budding artists. Every day from October 28 to November 11 • Parc Saint-Alexandre, Rue du Parc. Series of footprints, handprints, and animals made by nursery children. Contact: tel. 02 99 16 00 00.

Shows in Cancale

Thierry Marquet’s one man show. Friday 11 November at 8:30 pm • L’Amérance, 5, rue Docteur-et-Mme-Cocar. Deadpan, Thierry Marquet deals with current events and new social phenomena in a damaging way. His great repartee and his overflowing dynamism will delight you. However, fans of Patrick Bruel abstained. Be careful, he can even be a mentalist. Price: full, €15.00; reduced, €10.00.

Fest-noz / Fest-deiz in Rennes

Fest-Noz/folk ball. Friday, November 11 at 8:30 pm • Ferme de la Harpe, Avenue Charles-Tillon. Artists present are Naragonia, Absynthe. Price: full, €12.00; reduced, €7.00. Contact: Folk seeds association, seedsofolk@gmail.com

Concerts in Saint Malo

Summer camp. Friday, November 11 at 8:30 pm • ?La nouvelle vague, Rue Salvador-Allende. A unique quadraphonic sound system that places the public in the middle of four stages, La Colonie de Vacances is the result of the reunion of four groups from the French noise rock scene: Electric Electric, Marvin, Papier Tigre, Pneu. Polyrhythms, trances, original harmonies and ultra-dynamic orchestration are an integral part of the vocabulary of this protean and enveloping orchestra. If the compositions are protected by the many influences of the twelve artists, in particular electronic and contemporary music, the energy of rock remains undeniably the common base of the group. Tickets are available at the Saint-Malo tourist office and at the tourist information offices in Cancale, Combourg and Dol-de-Bretagne. Not informed. Contact: tel. 02 99 19 00 20, info@lanouvellevague.org, https://lanouvellevague.org/

Saturday November 12 outings

Debates at the Saint-Lunaire conference

Meeting with Antoine Dreyfus and Marc Dugain. Saturday November 12 from 6 to 7.30 pm • Jean-Rochefort Cultural Center, 75, boulevard de la Plage. Debate around 5G and digital after the publication of “L’Homme sans contact” by the Observatory editions. Contact: tel. 02 99 46 07 11.

Concerts by Dinard

Concert oboe and string trio. Saturday 12 November at 8 pm • Auditorium Stéphan-Bouttet, 6, rue Sadi-Carnot. Works by Bach, Schubert, Mozart will be performed. Ilyes Boufadden, oboe; Vassilly Chmykov, violin; Paul Zientara, viola; Hanna Salzeinstein, cello. Not contacted. Contact: tel. 06 68 79 16 87, marie-joele.jouan@weekenddemusiqueclassique.fr, https://weekenddemusiqueclassique.fr/contact/

Market in Pleurtuit

Creators Christmas Market. Saturday 12 November from 10 am to 7 pm • Espace Delta, Rue Ransbach-Baumach. Woodturning, decoration. Wood, oil paint, pastel, watercolor, passion photos, cardboard, scrapbooking, poetry book, card, fossilized stone and marble, jewelry, embroidery, marine knot, fabric and recycling, ceramics, cellular concrete, leather, comforter, medicinal plants, clock tides, driftwood, Christmas decoration suspensions, Christmas jam, gingerbread. Free. Contact: tel. 06 08 52 81 24, auchatcreateur@orange.fr

Sports activities in Pleurtuit

Basketball. Saturday 12 November • Sports hall, Rue Saint-Guillaume. At 12:30 pm, U13M2 against Dol; at 2 pm, U15M2 against Illet; at 3:30 pm, U17M2 against Combourg; at 5 pm, U18F against Saint-Grégoire; at 8 pm, the senior men against Miniac-Saint-Jouan. Contact: ALP basketball

The leisure diary

Festivals, exhibitions, visits, conferences, …

Outings for Sunday November 13

Shows in Rennes

Cyril Iasci’s show: “Maladjusted”. From Tuesday 8 November to Saturday 12 November from 9 pm to 10.15 pm, Sunday 13 November from 5 pm to 6.15 pm • Café-théâtre Le Bacchus, 3, esplanade Julie-Rose-Calvé. This show starts somewhere in Picardy and ends somewhere on a beach in South Africa. Between the two, something emerges, neighbors, colleagues, a stopover at Sainte-Chapelle in Paris and a turtle. Price(s): full price, €20.00; half price, €14.00. Contact: tel. 02 99 78 39 93, contact@le-bacchus.com, https://www.le-bacchus.com/programming/7890-cyril-iasci-mal-adjusted-nov2022.html

Walks in Minihic-sur-Rance

Stand-up paddling. Sunday, November 13 from 11 am to 1 pm • Accompanied paddle boat trip to Rance maritime. The meeting place is announced the day before. Sessions begin with rowing advice and technique visualization. The route is decided according to the wind and current direction to facilitate the trip.35 euros (+ 5 euros for wetsuit rental if necessary). Contact: tel. 06 24 68 08 26, contact@faumeasupyoga.com, https://www.faumeasupyoga.com/

Exhibitions in Dinard

Exhibition by Xavier Jolivet. From Friday 28 October to Sunday 13 November from 11am to 7.30pm • Galerie Besseiche, 6, boulevard Wilson. Xavier Jolivet, piano teacher, graduate of the Normal School of Music in Paris, remembers, in these turbulent times, the importance of meditating on the universe, but also on human creations, such as civilizations and art . This exhibition, like a journey, is full of music, and leads the visitor from China to Palmyra, from Luigi Boccherini to the moving poems of Frederico Garcia-Lorca to Frédéric Chopin.

Trade shows / fairs in Pleurtuit

Designers Money. Saturday November 12 from 10 am to 7 pm, Sunday November 13 from 10 am to 6 pm • Espace Delta, Rue Ransbach-Baumach. Lots to visit: wood turner, painting, pastel, watercolour, photography, book packaging, driftwood creations. Free. Contact: Aux Chat Créateurs, tel. 06 08 52 81 24.

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