10 tech gadgets you can attach to your pets to keep them safe

The advancement of pet tracking and health monitoring technology in recent years has raised the bar for pet safety for people who want the best equipment available for their pets to include. and live in the smart world. When out of the owner’s sight, pets, like children, can get into trouble and easily get hurt or worse, get lost. To keep them safe, pet owners may want to invest in devices that help track them beyond the traditional collar and leash.

From smart water fountains that only release water when thirsty animals approach the feeder, to 24/7 GPS trackers that pinpoint an animal’s location, the list of security features that can pet parents invest. Owners can narrow it down to a few essential gadgets that their pets will use regularly.

GPS trackers

GPS pet trackers come in many forms, including small trackers that can be attached to a collar or full smart collars. Some trackers include additional tracking and gaming features such as activity tracking, health monitoring, and even treat games that dog lovers can enjoy with their pets. However, a simple GPS tracker that finds a pet’s location and then sends it to a phone or computer app is a basic security device.

The trackers allow the owner to create safe zones for their pets and then send signals when the animal is outside the designated areas. Durability is a major concern, so parents need to make sure the gadget is weather-proof, shock-proof, and chew-proof.


When a pet rescue center receives a pet, the first thing veterinarians do is scan the animal’s body to check if it has a microchip under its skin. Pet microchips are grain-sized radio chips that display information about a specific animal rescue registry when scanned.

The location where the pet owner’s pet is registered can be contacted to connect the rescue center with the pet owner. The chips are inserted under the animal’s loose skin using hypodermic needles, like vaccines, and therefore do not harm the animal. They also do not interfere with an animal’s movements and are also useful when an animal is lost.

Activity trackers

Most activity tracking apps also act as GPS trackers, but they make pet parents better by tracking a pet’s basic health, including heart rate, calories burned, sleep time, temperature and activity level. They can also connect to a smartphone or computer and then synchronize the data in real time.

These monitors allow pet owners to compare their pet’s activity level with other similar pets nearby and around the world. Some even allow pet owners to contact a veterinarian in case of abnormal activity. Owners are always advised to bring their pets in for regular check-ups as information from monitors does not replace a veterinarian.

LED vests

These safety vests not only make pets more happy and attractive to passers-by, but more importantly, they can save the pet in case it gets lost.

Some pet safety vests can also sync with a smartphone and allow the owner to set different patterns, words, and lights. The owner can also adjust the lights to display the pet’s name behind it. Or, when the animal goes missing, they can be set to automatically flash the word “lost” behind it, which can help get the animal to a rescue center or back to the owner.

Pet doors

Sometimes when pets come home they are chased by other pets or wild animals, like raccoons, but a smart door flap helps keep out unwanted visitors. The smart flap door is opened by a microchip in the cat or dog’s collar, so the door only opens when the animal approaches.

The chip connects to a smartphone, which also allows pet owners to set door flap opening and closing times, including curfews, to keep pets out of harm’s way.

Pet LED Collars

This is one of the simplest tech gadgets owners can get for their pets to make them more visible when walking in the dark. These LED pet collars illuminate pets in the dark, making them easier to find.

The collars may also have bright flashing lights to alert traffic and pedestrians of the animal’s presence. It is important to make sure that the collar is chew resistant, so that the animal does not swallow the batteries, which are obviously toxic.

Leg and shoulder braces

When pets are injured, they need help to heal just like people, and leg and/or shoulder braces are the best thing to keep pets safe when moving around with an injury. Whether it’s a sprain, muscle injury, or open wound, an injured dog or cat’s paw will heal faster if properly dressed and bandaged.

Splints also help animals walk normally on injured legs without the risk of excessive scratching and licking of wounds, which can aggravate injuries. There are different types of braces for different types of injuries and body parts, although leg and shoulder braces are the most common. A veterinarian’s advice is needed to get the right brace for a pet.

Harness for hip dysplasia

They attach like suspenders, but they work more like dog costumes, although they are specifically for dogs with hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia is a common disability in dogs where the animal’s ball joints are deformed or underdeveloped causing difficulty when the dog walks which can also cause hip injuries.

The hip harness has shoulder and hip straps to straighten the joints when the dog is walking, reducing stress on the affected joints. The harness also helps repair the joint over time, providing long-term pain relief for the dog.

Pet Collar Cameras

Static pet cameras are great for tracking a pet’s movements and recording cute dog TikToks, but they can’t be in every room with your pet all the time. A collar-mounted camera is the surest way to track an animal’s every move and see the world from their perspective.

These cameras can be mounted on the pet’s back or chest and then connected to a smartphone or computer where the owner can observe the pet’s movements. These cameras make it easy to detect abnormal activity because the owner can see everything the pet sees and stay connected to their pet at all times.

Dog seat belts and car harnesses

Keeping your dog secure in its car seat when traveling is an important safety measure for the animal and other car occupants, which is why these simple devices can save lives.

They don’t have any twists or complicated straps – the best dog seat belts are simply harnesses that wrap around the dog’s shoulders which are then connected to the car’s seat belt to secure it. animal in seat. Harnesses keep dogs safely in one place, just like the rest of the car.

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