At what age can you keep your baby for the whole weekend?

Since baby arrived, your life has changed: bye bye getaways just the two of you or unexpected trips for the weekend. Yes, Baby first needs to find its bearings and grow up. But when can you care? We take stock with Jill Bird, our super Nanny.

From what age can we leave Baby for a weekend?

Many parents feel a form of guilt at the idea of ​​leaving their baby for a few days. They find it difficult to pass the course of Baby’s first separation and this happens more when it is their first child. If the parents are not ready for this first separation and they feel stressed or anxious, it will be the same for Baby, the real little detector of positive and negative emotions, even before birth. There really is no age limit for taking care of your baby all weekend or on a few days off. An infant has attachment and security needs that only his references can satisfy. Additionally, if she is still breastfeeding, you will need to plan to express your milk before you leave to feed the baby while you are away…. After the baby is 6-7 months old, it is possible to entrust him with leaving for a day or two. If you want to leave it on longer, don’t skip steps! Trust him first for one day and then a little more the next, gradually increase the duration of his stay, he will gradually get used to being away from you.

Who can babysit for a weekend or more?

It is impossible to entrust a baby to a stranger and leave him for the first time, especially if you have to be gone for several days. Baby will be more confident with people he already knows. Ask the grandparents if they are available or ask a friend or someone close to you who sees your child often.

Then, when the child is older, about 3 years old, entrusting your child to a babysitter is a possible solution, but not without caution: does he know how to put a car seat in a car ? What time does he put the children to bed? Make sure that he is not only kind to children, but that he has all the skills necessary to take care of them. Feel free to ask him questions to test his knowledge, security questions for your little one.

What should you not do when you leave your baby on the weekend?

It is unthinkable to leave the baby alone, with a third person, without telling him that you are leaving. A few days before your departure, tell him in simple words that he will be staying with Grandpa and Grandma for a few days and you will not be there during his stay but will be right back to pick him up. Give him hints about activities they will do together that he really enjoys (for example: “At Grandma’s, you make cookies and you go on the merry-go-round”). When it’s time to send your child off with his grandparents on D-Day, don’t delay, even if he sheds tears, the moment of goodbye: take your child in your arms to say goodbye to him. a hug, kiss it and leave. When the child begins to have a sense of time, around 4 years old, warn him of your departure early. Additionally, he will feel more reassured if you give him details of his various jobs and hobbies during his stay away from you. It is possible to leave her a scarf, scarf or sweater with your perfume that she can smell while you are away.

What are the recommendations to make when leaving your baby for the whole weekend?

Accepting Baby like a little pasha depends on a few things. Every Baby needs us to respect his own little activities that reassure him and give him confidence, preferences in terms of food and activities… Before entrusting your baby, even within few days, prepare a little “mode of employment” intended for the person who will keep it. The easiest way is to do this in writing so you don’t forget anything without overwhelming the person with information about your child that can lead to anxiety. To pass the hand quietly and avoid stress, you can tell him:

  • Your contact details and how to contact you quickly in an emergency.
  • Pediatrician contact details.
  • Your baby’s favorite foods. You can also determine which are your child’s favorite small foods and, conversely, if he dislikes one or more foods.
  • The various food allergies or respiratory allergies of the baby.
  • Your child’s bedtime ritual. Holy shit, we have the same habits at home and put Baby to sleep together, even during vacations.
  • A typical baby’s day. Describe what he likes to do, his games, his quiet moments…
  • Your little magic tricks (rhymes, funny noises) to calm him down in case of a “crisis”.

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