Cats recognize their master’s raspy voice!

No, cats do not despise their master: they love him and recognize his voice, especially when it is… “silly”! If the friends of cats suspected it, it is now scientifically proven. tells you more.

Cats love “gaga” masters! According to a recent French study, cats are very receptive to their master’s voice, especially when the latter speaks to them in a honeyed tone (“Discrimination of cat-directed speech from human-directed speech in a population of indoor companion cats » , 2022, Animal Cognition).

In contemporary Western culture, most people communicate with their petsintroducing the study. The speech register addressed in animals shares characteristics common to speech intended for children, and differs from that addressed in adults. “. But in return, can animals – in this case, cats – recognize the speeches specifically intended for them? The answer is yes according to the researchers… provided the words are spoken by their master!

Driven by intonations silly » of their master!

To reach this conclusion, the scientists first exposed 16 domestic cats to recordings of similar words, sometimes from their owner, sometimes from a stranger. Verdict: Cats perfectly recognize their master’s voice, even if a third person tries to make a similar intonation. Second, the scientists offered the cats two types of recordings from their master: one for a person, the other for them. Unsurprisingly, cats respond to audios that relate to them. Their reaction is more playful when their master chooses a “gaga” tone: some cats wag their tails, others blink and listen, often meow.

“These results bring a new dimension to the consideration of the human-cat relationship.concluded the researchers. They emphasize the importance of one-on-one relationships for cats and at the same time reinforce recent literature on the ability of cats and humans to form strong bonds. “.

Attached to their master, like a child to its parents

In fact, another study – this American one – published at the beginning of the fall of 2022 scientifically demonstrated… what we already know: the attachment of cats to their master. A bond as strong as that which binds a baby to its parents, or a dog to its owners (“Attachment bonds between domestic cats and humans”, Current Biology, 2022). ” This is the first time researchers have empirically demonstrated that cats exhibit the same attachment styles as infants and Kristyn Vitale, the lead author of the study (The Scotsman). Once the attachment is established between the cat and the caretaker, it remains strong over time. “.

In 2018, a Hungarian study already showed the sensitivity of cats to human behavior… especially women, women – according to researchers – are generally more smiling, gentle and sympathetic with their companion on the legs », Applied Animal Behavior Science, 2018). A few years ago, an Austrian study tended to prove the existence of a deeper relationship between women and pets, to which cats are sensitive (Processes of behavior, 2011).

All these studies show how precious oral communication is to cats. Moreover, the latter can learn names and associate faces with them. ” Domestic cats expect a face – or person – when they hear the name of the individual in question “, confirm Japanese researchers from Kyoto University (“Cats learn the names of their feline friends in their daily life”, Scientific reports, 2022).

So – if you haven’t already – don’t hesitate to talk to your cat: I promise, we won’t judge you!

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