How to get accurate and detailed package tracking?

With the Black-Friday fast approaching, closely followed by Christmas festivities and winter sales, online orders will be in full swing for those looking to find great deals on their favorite e-commerce sites. But ordering online can create stress, both for buyers and sellers, and especially because of delivery. So what is the solution?

Online orders abound these days. There is a practical side but sometimes it can generate some anxiety about the correct delivery of the package. The solutions track and trace, tracking and traceability service, allowing you to have more peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient.

What is “track and trace”?

A large part of the main challenges for the success of online commerce, parcel tracking improves and perfects itself to assure individuals and professionals.

If only for the year 2021, the La Poste group claims to have delivered 2.8 billion parcels. This record figure can be explained by the boom in online activities and commerce. Therefore, there are billions of parcels passing through every day and it is important to reassure customers so they can benefit from the best delivery experience. The solutions of track and trace therefore online tools that follow in detail the route of sending and receiving a package using a universal tool that centralizes in one place the data of many courier and transport companies.

Ordering online is never without risk. Waiting sometimes becomes stressful because you have trusted an unknown site and you are afraid that you will not receive the long-awaited order. There is also the anxiety of not receiving the package on time if you pick it up a little at the last moment, for example for parties, birthdays or even Christmas. For international orders, delivery times are sometimes longer. And in case the customer does not have to consult the shipping methods, he may be surprised by the waiting time until his package arrives at home. Tracking the package in real time therefore facilitates information gathering and patience.

Finally, this one-stop shop is accessible in your language. In particular, we are thinking about international orders. You may receive tracking emails from international shipping companies and it is not always easy to fully understand the information shared with you. The universal platform is available in your language and then you have all the data about the export of your parcel at your disposal.

And for online merchants?

These universal tracking platforms are suitable for consumers but also for online sales professionals who see them as an asset to strengthen their positioning:

  • this logistical aspect is an important driver of satisfaction and loyalty;
  • this is the opportunity to ensure that the shipping process is efficient and that it is the best choice by choosing this trusted carrier;
  • it also means maintaining a high value-added supply and sales chain. Satisfied customers are customers who recommend you or who will be loyal;
  • in the event of a problem, this is useful for tracking down the source of the problem (package lost, delivery that didn’t go as planned, etc.). You’ve probably faced an unpleasant surprise when receiving a package…

The last mile stage

This is the expression used when the package enters an urban area or approaches the recipient’s address. Therefore, this is the last stage of delivery and sometimes it requires the most logistics because sometimes the initial carrier leaves the hand to a local company. Therefore, it is very important that the tracking of the parcel is efficient and reliable at this final stage. Timeliness is important because delays or poor estimates (especially when the recipient’s presence is required for a signature) are a major source of dissatisfaction among online buyers!

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