Moral and civic education: Animals are finally considered


The law aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the relationship between animals and humans on November 30, 2021 led to a change in the education code. From March 04, 2022, students must be informed of Moral and Civic Education (EMC) about respecting pets.

“Moral and civic education also raises awareness, in elementary, middle school and high school, of respect for domestic animals. It shows pets as sensitive and helps to prevent any act of animal abuse.

Extract from article L312-15 of the education code

A”big win” admits Anne-Laure Meynckens, vice-president of Animal Ethics Education (EEA) in a Parisian interview. However, he regrets that the final text is too strict: ” Our proposals are unfortunately restricted on several levels: we have moved from animal ethics to raising awareness of respect, and from animals in general to pets only.. »
In addition, if the text is valid from March 04, 2022, teachers and animal rights associations regret its absence from the program and await instructions.

“The article can be an empty shell”

In an interview granted to Le Parisien, Marie-Laure Laprade, co-founder of the association EEA regrets the inertia of National Education since the implementation of the text: ” Not only is teacher training not planned for this moment, but neither is information: there is no communication on this topic! The article can become a real empty shell if nothing is done. »

The subject has not yet been addressed in textbooks, books and documents available to teachers of National Education.
This is to prevent the subject from becoming an “empty shell”, which associations like L214 where EEAhave decided to create their own educational resources for teachers.

Don’t panic, there are resources!

Developed under the supervision of scientific advice bringing together veterinarians, teacher-researchers, philosophers, professors, sociologists, lawyers, these educational tools aim to: “ Promote animal ethics in education and develop values ​​of empathy, respect, altruism and responsibility“, as the EEA association indicates in its description.

These educational resources are geared toward teachers and include many free educational resources at protection and respect for animals : exhibitions and educational booklets, videos, CDI…

The question of animal welfare is a timely topic. Soon to be present in the school program through Moral and Civic Education courses, the subject raised more questions. ENS (the École Normale Supérieure) is organizing a seminar on November 17 that will have the theme of human/animal relations. The seminar included a series of sessions focused on animal welfare, biodiversity and even zoonoses.

ENS seminar program:

  • November 17, Literature/SHS Libraries, 45 rue d’Ulm, 6-8 pm: Why do we (still) eat meat?
  • November 24, Literature/SHS Libraries, 45 rue d’Ulm, 6-8 pm: “Alpha male”, why is a biological concept successful?
  • December 1, Literature/SHS Libraries, 45 rue d’Ulm, 6-8 pm: Defenders or predators? Men facing the challenge of animal protection
  • December 8, Literature/SHS Libraries, 45 rue d’Ulm, 6-8 pm: Why are we speciesists?
  • December 15, Literature/SHS Libraries, 45 rue d’Ulm, 6-8 pm: Wolf are you there? The challenges of returning the wolf to France.

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