Stop or my mother will shoot you! : 30 years later, Schwarzie confirms his bad joke with Stallone

“It’s good that we have come to an agreement. Thank goodness no one likes Stop or my mom will draw 2!”

On the occasion of the Paramount+ release of the series King Tulsawhere he plays the main role, Sylvester Stallone engaged in a long interview of Hollywood Reporter. The 76-year-old Hollywood actor, screenwriter, director and producer reflects on his achievements, rocky and Rambo in the lead, but also in his flops, and some misunderstandings that have dotted his career.

He said he retained a painful memory of some interviews: “You feel it when you flop. When you’re interviewed and the second question is: ‘So what will it be? Next Sylvester Stallone movie?’ When they start talking to you about something else. It’s horrible.” His details are particularly marked by one of them: Stop or my mother will shoot you!a detective comedy by Roger Spottiswoode, hit the screens in 1992. When it was released, the film grossed less than $30 million in the United States, while a few months later, cliff hanger earned 85 million (and even 255 million worldwide). A mistake that Sly attributes to a bad casting idea – according to him, the actress chosen to play his mother was too popular and sympathetic for the concept to work -, but also to his conflict with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sylvester Stallone still believes in Rambo and the promised series

“Stop or my mother will shoot me!, like in.” Throw Mom on the Train (a Danny de Vito comedy with Billy Crystal and Anne Ramsey, released five years ago, editor’s note), Stallone details. Mom had to be really scared for it to work. Instead, we got the most beautiful person in Hollywood, Estelle Getty, who you really wish you had as a mother. From this casting, done! And also: I heard that Schwarzenegger was going to make this movie, and I said to myself: ‘I’m going to beat him up to get this role.’ But I think he accepted me.”

In 2017, Schwarzie told the slash film who effectively trapped his rival by setting up this competition from scratch for this particular project: “It’s absolutely true. I read the script, and it was terribly bad. You know, I’ve made movies that deserved to end up in the toilet too, right? They were bad. But, this one was REALLY bad. We were conflicted at the time, and I thought I would spread the word that I was interested in this film. I know how it goes. going to Hollywood. I believed I would ask for a lot of money so they would say to themselves: “Let’s offer it to Sly. Maybe we can get it cheaper. So they went to Sly and said: ‘Schwarzenegger is interested. Here is the press clipping. He talked to her. If you want to make this film for him, he’s available.’ And it worked! It worked perfectly. A week later, I heard Sly was signing. And I said to myself: ‘Yes!!’

Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone: ​​”For me, you’re the winner”

THR Sylvester Stallone said in this career interview that he contacted Arnold Schwarzenegger to confirm this story, which he was happy to do. And humor: “It’s 100% true. That time, we did all kinds of things to play off our rivalry. Fortunately, now we’re getting along. Thank goodness because no one wants to stop or shoot my mom!”

The two top action movie stars of the 1980s and 1990s hit it off when the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain opened in 1991 (after Sly signed on for this comedy!). A project they publicly supported in the company of Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Whoopi Goldberg, Wesley Snipes or even Danny Glover. They have shared the screen several times, especially in the saga Expendablesinitiated by Stallone.

All’s well that ends well between the two actors, who became best friends. Besides, Sly doesn’t really quote Stop or my mother will shoot you! as one of the regrets of his career, but as an example of a failure. On the other hand, he found it Take Carter is undervalued. That was a huge disappointment. (…) I also believed Police land will do better.” He takes advantage of the passage of this interview to put the dots on “I” about the activities he allegedly rejected: “I wasn’t offered to play Arthurneither pulp fiction. However, I refused Witness (by Peter Weir, with Harrison Ford, released 1985), and it kills me. As well as the going home (by Al Ashby, released in 1978 with Jane Fonda, Jon Voight and Bruce Dern). Well, I could never do as good a job as Jon Voight, who was great in this movie. On the other hand, refuse witnessThat’s a mistake.”

Here is the trailer for King Tulsawhich will be offered when Paramount+ launches in France in December:

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