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The first edition of the SEO Awards organized by SEO Camp took place on September 22 and 23, 2022. At this meeting of SEO professionals dedicated to French-speaking web players, many companies were rewarded. But what is an SEO Awards? Why is this an event most awaited by SEO professionals? Overview.

What are SEO Awards?

Encompassing seven categories, the SEO Awards ceremony aims to highlight specific innovative SEO projects. This meeting also aims to highlight the SEO professions in the eyes of the general public. The three members of the SEO Camp administration committee, Christophe Vidal, Morgane Surlenet and Philippe Yonnet is at the initiative of this ceremony.

Because of this ceremony, different actors were rewarded on the occasion of this first edition, in different categories. For example, companies will compete for the best Local SEO campaign, the best E-Commerce SEO campaign, the best content marketing strategy or the best innovation in an SEO tool.

The winners walk away with a price designed especially for the occasion and the memory of two days of exchange, of sharing common passions.

Why is an award important for an SEO agency?

Awarded twice at the SEO Awards ceremony, Noiise agency wishes share his experience to show us the value of such rewards.

The first prize received by the agency surrounds the best SEO campaignfor its client Les Maisons du Voyage, a travel agency specializing in tailor-made travel.

“It’s recognition for the agency and the work that’s been done.” explained David Groult, Team Leader and SEO Consultant, Head of SEO at Noiise.

The last few years have not been easy for the global economy. In the question, the pandemic that disrupted organizations. Consequently, the achievement of this Award allowed the agency to see its efforts rewarded in the face of a major crisis in a particularly affected sector.

“In fact, despite the tough competition and players with a big way, the performance is remarkable in an important goal achieved at the beginning of 2020: to position itself at the top of the “Travel China” request. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow the travel agency to see the immediate benefits of this work. Noiise was able to offer Maisons du Voyage a strategy that earned it this award for Best SEO Campaign. he continued.

Second prize: the best content marketing campaign, for his client Leroy Merlin Studio. This is the renovation division of the DIY group.

“For this service, which is only available in Paris, an appropriate strategy has been implemented to support the launch of this device and allow the company to target prospects in a good way. said the expert.

Thanks to Noiise’s sharing of experience, the stakes of the SEO Awards ceremony are easier to understand. Companies will have the opportunity to see their expert work rewarded. Promoting the image of the brand, but also of the teams, managers, and efforts made, these Awards also have the advantage of imposing the rewarded companies as real references when it comes to SEO.

“The teams work with many synergies. It should be noted that this agency is the result of a merger of OpenLinking with Première Position, two entities with different work methods. After a year of existence, the process has been effective of standardization work, and allowed to combine the two SEO teams. The awards won are proof that this approach is correct. David Groult continues before concluding: ” Winning these 2 Awards is a real source of pride for me. These achievements do not only represent the work of the people in charge of these two projects, but a more global work within the Noiise SEO team”.

The rising trend of SEO for businesses

Today, more and more companies use agencies to take care of their identification, the famous Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means SEO the techniques used to improve a site’s positioning on search engine results pages. The stakes are high for many companies, especially those that work in e-commerce and sell products and services only on the net.

An SEO agency offers a variety of services and benefits. Among the services offered are: SEO audit. This audit is generally the first stage of a natural project of defining a company. This is a site assessment phase, in particular its internal architecture and its position in various requests in search engines.

Then, the agency can proceed to the stage of advice and give recommendations and a strategy to improve SEO. One way to do this is to implement a netlinking campaign, that is, placing links in articles. Most SEO agencies have one tooa hub of web editors. They create content optimized for search engines, thanks to various tools. Finally, agencies can also offer an SEO training service. This is the best way for a business to build a foundation in SEO.

Being awarded the Award means a lot to SEO experts. More than dedicating effort to sometimes very complex projects, it is a question of enhancing the knowledge of an entire organization, strengthening the reputation of a brand and establishing its status as an expert. in the digital landscape of natural determination .

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