Mother of three, Evelyne Brochu does not want to regret

The current period seems to be blessed for Evelyne Brochu, because her professional life and her family life give her so many reasons to be happy. The actress, who says she is gifted for happiness, developed a grateful look and took her chance in all the small details of everyday life.

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Evelyne, we will meet Paris Police 1905. What awaits your character?

This is a great sequel to Paris Police 1900. Marguerite has a lot of panache, but since we’re in the 1900s, you have to go through men to exist. We’re five years in, and it’s kind of a descent into hell. Men leave her where she lives in the world. More and more people are alone, therefore they are more and more at risk, even in their own home. There will be a war of the sexes between him and his wife. It’s a big acting challenge! It should also be said that at the beginning of this season, she is no longer a courtesan: she runs a gambling house, which was then illegal in Paris. We learn a lot about her husband, who was a relatively low-key figure in season one.

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You are also working on a film.

Yes, I shot French Girl, in English, with Luc Picard, Charlotte Aubin, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Isabelle Vincent. Excellent meeting, among others with two American actors: Zach Braff and Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a great romantic comedy, just like we loved them in 1990. Lots of tenderness and good jokes, but no cynicism.

Looks like this shoot was fun!

Yes! Part of the story takes place in Quebec, my hometown. It was touching to experience things parallel to my real life. There is a grandmother in the story, and I was able to visit me. That said, this girl is a chef, which is not my case at all. I took cooking lessons for my role. It was great excitement to reconnect with comedy after Paris Police 1900 and Chouchou.

Chouchou caused a lot of comments!

Yes, people were angry. It was one of the greatest artistic adventures of my life, one of the greatest challenges as an artist. I raised it with love, joy and goodness. It’s over, but I feel like the characters live on in people’s hearts.


Do you need to combine your shoots?

Right in the middle of filming Chouchou, I shot for a week in France for Paris Police. Maybe there will be a third season. With this project, I have the opportunity to move myself to another country, another time, another working environment, another way of approaching television work. It also allows me to travel. It is enriching to some degree.

When you work in France, do you leave your family in Quebec?

This time, yes, because we shot part of the series in January. With the Omicron variant, it’s complicated. The apartment is ready there. There were rooms for all of us, but I found myself there alone, very depressed in my big apartment in the Marais… (laughs) But I still knew my fate!

But without our family, things wouldn’t have the same flavor.

Valid. By the end of the third week, I was losing strength: I missed my little children. I hope they can keep up next time. It was an adventure I had always wanted to share with them. I think that the more we bring our children to our passions and our reality, the closer we bring them to us and the more we make them benefit from it. It should not be like communication vehicles. There is a way to put it all together, even if it requires some logistics.

And you also have music projects.

Yes, I am working on my next album with Félix Diotte. We hope to show it in 2023. I want to go back on stage. I did 12 shows, and it was pure bliss! I want to use the same formula of the show with the tunes from the next album. In Paris, I had time, that’s where all the lyrics on the disc were born. The best way to fight boredom is to find things to do. (smile)

Does your career seem balanced with your personal life?

Yes, and I can say that my family life satisfies one of the girls in me. We can’t say that we have a certain balance or that we are happy in all stages of our lives, but currently, that’s how I feel, so I’m taking advantage of it. Imbalances can happen, but I’ve never been happier. I’m not pessimistic, but I know what’s there and savor it, without ever pretending that it will always be so. I don’t want to regret not curling up in these moments. In the Chouchou set, I’m enjoying it. In Paris too. Recently, I was in the park with my children and we were playing with soccer balls that the parents lent us, and I was enjoying it. I want to fully savor this time of my children’s lives that will never come back. They will no longer be two and four.


We feel the capacity for happiness in women.

It’s true… (laughs) I think I’m good at happiness. I hope I can pass it. Someone once told me that there are two things you can teach children: patience and enthusiasm. It’s true, because in life, things don’t always go your way. You have to be patient. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, makes it possible to find the beautiful and interesting in everything…

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