“The Animal Touch” breaks taboos

One day or another, adopters hear the death knell for their pets. But how to mourn these creatures that are considered full members of the family by 85% of the French?

To answer this question, the animal expert Yoann Latouche invited Mary Moreau and Laetitia Barlerin on the show” The Animal Touch “, broadcast live in the application raw Replay available here:

Cremation: what are the possibilities?

Inside the pet funeral company estimate, Mary Moreau takes on the role of funeral host. A lover of animals, the former veterinary assistant accompanies families to the funerals of their 4-legged friends.

During the show, the counselor explained to Internet users the steps to follow after the death of a furry friend. Families have the option to contact the team directly.estimate, or the vet. To ensure the traceability of the small body, an agreement containing an identification number is established.

As a reminder, there are several types of cremation:

  • individual cremation, after which the owners can recover the ashes of the deceased;
  • collective cremation, which does not allow this recovery.

The 1time there are 2 variations. If people choose reference cremation, they cannot attend cremation on site. In regard to private cremation, family members are invited to gather themselves near the previously arranged body, to attend the leaving of the cremation through a television screen and leave with the ashes.

For equines, owners can approach special cremation services horsia.

Focus on the law

As host, Wedding accompanying bereaved owners from start to finish. ” I am here to listen to them, encourage them and advise them “, he said to the host.

Because the act of remembering is important to the grieving process, the family may keep a lock of hair, a paw print or any other small object that reminds them of the animal. A wide selection of reliquaries and urns are also offered, depending on their expectations.

In fact, if some prefer to keep the ashes of their protégé precious, others want them scattered. However, this final goodbye remains unauthorized in Sunday areas.

What about the funeral? According to the law, the body of the deceased (which must not exceed 40 kg) can be buried on private land, more than 1.30 m deep and 30 m from dwellings and waterways for sanitary reasons. In addition, the whole thing must be covered with lime.

More information and no less: a bill allowing burial with the ashes of our animal friends will soon be brought to the National Assembly. A survey ofFIFG commissioned by Woopets revealed that 68% of the French are in favor of it.

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Accompany the orphaned child

Often, during euthanasia, parents tell me that they are not told of the animal’s death to their children.ts confided Laetitia Barlerin, don’t lie to them! »

The vet is clear on this point. ever since” Death is part of the cycle of life », it is important to explain this to a child. ” He knows when he is being lied to and will make up a story about his missing petthe mediator continued, because his parents don’t want him to talk about it, he feels guilty. […] This is what he will wear for a long time. »

In addition to finding the right words to express the death of the hairball, a small ceremony or any other act of farewell can be done, such as a drawing, or even a photo album. ” The child will be affected and will cry, but this will allow him to begin to grieve “, ending Laetitia Barlerin.

In his office, the latter offers the possibility for relatives to gather with the deceased and take a lock of hair as a souvenir. As a veterinarian, he believes in listening to the bereaved and showing empathy.

Article illustration: Grieving for your pet: The

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Don’t bottle up your feelings

This moving number of The Animal Touch showed that the question related to the realization of mourning remains complex. Everyone experiences it differently.

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Of course, severe pain often produces a stream of tears that contains thousands of memories. A stream that never dries up. As the host correctly pointed out: with time, sadness and pain do not fade, but fade. ” The hardest thing to bear when they leave, these silent friends, is that they take with them many years of our own lives. “said the writer John Galsworthy.

Alas, this event is not understood by everyone. Some individuals just see it as removing a “simple animal” … For Yoann Latouche and its guests, it is important to surround yourself well and have open-hearted discussions with loved ones.

To follow the next issue of “La Touche Animale”, go to Tuesday, November 15 at 7 pm on the Brut app. Replay will be available on Woopets.

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