Renault Clio E Tech 145: update, a tricolor super hybrid

The Clio is the first Renault hybrid in 2020. As a result, it did not receive the subsequent improvements of this same engine in the Captur or Arkana. It’s over now. The Clio gets five horsepower and above all a revised management, supposed to smooth out the small jolts it originally experienced. Reason enough to get behind the wheel. With pleasure, because of the very satisfactory result of this (re)handling.

Great improvement in fluidity

Driving is, in fact, more… seamless! The progress is obvious. The transmission slip effect – like a moped – when accelerating is less noticeable. In fact, the heat engine acts as a generator, running at a constant speed, just like the Honda. If you accelerate, the electric motor provides extra power. So it (falsely) feels like you’re pressing the pedal in a vacuum. The phenomenon, which is almost unnoticed today, appears to be more unpleasant than Toyota or Honda! The system works well, well, well. With impressive smoothness in town and on flat roads. Obviously we start with electric, quiet. Autonomy in zero emission mode cannot exceed 4 kilometers.

The car does not struggle. However, you still have to work hard to get good road and highway performance. The other five horses did not change much. We want it easier from 110 km/h. That said, performance is very competitive for a small cruiser. They improved a bit on the Sport mode, which we barely used. Normal mode is more than enough. Unfortunately, however, that personalized My Sense mode is useless, as you can adjust everything except… mechanics! It is also unfortunate that Renault has provided a lever whose notches are not sufficiently marked. We suddenly pass involuntarily from the classic “D” mode to the “B” mode, reserved for descents or tight corner entries.

Renault Clio SCe 65 - 24 Credit: Challenges - N. Meunier

But there is no manual mode

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