A drug addict sows terror: after disfiguring his brother, he threatens to kill his mother

His mother asks for protection for his safety

A man in his thirties was arrested by the Central Barracks police and detained since the beginning of the week. He is suspected of threatening to kill his mother. Three years ago, he tried to kill his sister for money.

He terrorizes the whole family, so his mother, Thérèse, 60, has been sheltering with relatives since November 1. After a week of disappearance, this resident of rue Henri Perrot, in Grande-Rivière-Nord- Ouest went to her home on Monday, November 7, around 1:30 pm, to collect her belongings. Knowing the violent character of her son Dylan, 30, she asked the police for help.

On the way, he learned from relatives that his son was ransacking everything in the house. So, to protect the sexagenarian, two policemen entered the house first, followed by Thérèse.

Upon entering, he saw his son next to the mirror he had just broken. He pointed a knife he held in his right hand in her direction and started threatening her: “If you can go back to his cage, the zordi will cut you with his knife”. “Can the police say li kifer to little craze his banne affair there, li ena droit kitte chose so papa sa”, said Thérèse who was forced to leave her house to prevent her son from hurting her. The police then proceeded to arrest the suspect on the same day.

It remains to be hoped that this arrest will allow Thérèse, mother of four sons and two daughters, to breathe a little. But how did he get there? She said her son Dylan started using drugs when he was 15 years old. He did everything to help her, but to no avail. Then when his wife got worse his nightmares. Dylan’s siblings, fed up with his violent behavior, leave home as adults. Except for Cathiana who stayed by her mother’s side. The sister who is 27 years old, sick, receives a disability pension.

Shortly after her father’s death, Cathiana had her throat nearly cut by her brother. That day, she was in her room, with her one-year-old baby in bed, when a violent argument broke out between her mother and Dylan who demanded money. He tried to intervene to stop the match, but was too carried away. “Mo ti fille dire li prevent the guer from me and aret rode larzan with nou. Dylan fine withdraw a cutter in his pocket and he fine not his throat mo tifi ek cut li everywhere then so figure. Mo empes li tries but ti capave. Mo ti find mo tifi so life ti little kitte li before our eyes,” said Thérèse.

Cathiana, who was seriously injured, was rescued by relatives who lived in the same yard. He was taken to AG Jeetoo Hospital where he underwent several operations, but he was disfigured for life. His brother was arrested and charged with “assault cause wounds and blows with aggravating circumstance”. After eight months in pre-trial detention, he was released in July 2020 thanks to close friends who posted his bail.

Cathiana also decided to leave the family home with her son for their own safety. Admittedly, the water has flowed under the bridge since his attack, but he admits his life has never been the same. He does not accept that his brother who disfigured him got away with a fine of Rs 10,000. jail go stay kote diamune for tomorrow I won’t win me or my mom so corpse. Ziska zordi mo traumatized me to live in fear and anguish. It’s just, you can’t forgive me,” he said.

One would think that this prison stay would calm Dylan down, but that was not the case. Moreover, barely able to get out, he would have attacked his mother with a stone in front of the MCB of Plaine-Lauzun. “Li ti took me money and I believe that the money is paid into my account. Kan mo dire li lied li I was beaten and li ti even though I was a little ride threw me off the bus and dimoune fine empess li .. “, said Thérèse. She reported the incident to the Central Barracks police.

Now she and her daughter are asking the Commissioner of Police and the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare to help them. Both want to return and live safely in their home. “Mo ti kontan naksaagne protection order ek ki ban authority prevents my son from approaching the cage naked”, explained Thérèse.

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