Biarritz is surfing the tech wave

Surfin’Bitcoin is the biggest Bitcoin event in Europe. At NFT Biarritz the other day, a tech week was made in the Basque Country. StackinSat / OpenGem

Events around cryptocurrency, NFT and innovative companies are multiplied in the Basque Country, to talk to experts and educate the uninitiated.

Has France found its Silicon Valley? In four years, the exposure of the tech field has accelerated in the Basque Country and in particular in Biarritz. This summer, many events are organized to attract experts, entrepreneurs, but also tourists and local beginners.

We have been working to develop local innovations for 30 years now“, said Christelle Rodet, municipal councilor of Biarritz in charge of “Smart City”. The concept ? “A city that must meet the needs of the population while protecting its resources and environment“. According to the advisor, technology is part of everyday life and should be a way to make life easier for Biarrots and Basques.

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In 1985, Estia, Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies was created in Bidart, together with the Izarbel technology park near Biarritz. Since then, seventeen buildings have appeared, hosting various activities: an incubator, one hundred companies and two incubators, three laboratories… “Today we want to promote companies that create jobs, attract talent and anchor the future“, added the adviser.

Demonstrations to decentralize technology

Throughout the summer, the French Tech Pays Basque movement, a center of 130 members created 2 years ago, promotes local start-ups at Galeries Lafayette in Biarritz. “The city is already a bit far, so we need to double down on our innovations to attract new talent», Estimates the local French Tech. “We must support our network, which already includes 40 tech communities in France and 60 worldwide.“. with”French Touch», the goal is to inform passers-by of the activity of the tech sector in the department. “ There is a lack of fame and visibility for local start-ups, for young people to realize the dynamic here. You can work in a beautiful setting in Biarritz, while achieving a concrete result in your search for meaning. The proof, since Covid, many entrepreneurs have returned to the region, thanks to telework“.

I can’t stand Paris anymore, I’m sick of this cityexclaimed Jonathan Herscovici, creator of Surfin’Bitcoin. The event, which will take place on August 25, 26 and 27 at the Biarritz casino, is the largest Bitcoin convention in Europe. It brings together big names in the economic sector, the jurisdiction and the popularization of cryptocurrency. Among others, the Minister of Economy of El Salvador, a country that is a leader in payments through digital currency, was present.

The organizer, who is also the CEO of StackinSat, an application to buy Bitcoin, came to live in the Basque Country four years ago. “There are several ways that tech has been used to its advantage here. In less than five years, a dynamic has been created, especially with the rapid and impressive development of the technopole“. The ambition this year is to democratize Bitcoin to everyone, including beginners and skeptics. The first day will be free, with games and activities to win 10,000 euros in Bitcoin. Up to 1,500 people expected within three days.

Another event scheduled for August 24, NFT Biarritz, will be held at the Connector, a room dedicated to business and innovation. With this day dedicated to NFTs and web3, a whole week under the sign of new technologies continues in the South West. The appointment wants to impose itself on the calendar. Created by two brothers from Biarritz, Franck and Damien Dupont, the conference breaks with the centralization of French tech in Paris. “ We are fed up with these events that are in the capital, very selective and elitistsaid Franck Dupont.In Biarritz, we create a more relaxed wave, during the day, on vacation“.

The Connector, a place to meet companies for collaboration and a hub for tech events. The SAS Connector

Between round tables, conferences and documentary screenings, with well-known guests such as the NBA and FIFA, the uninitiated will also be the center of the day. “Several animations have been set up, including a practical workshop to help visitors create their first NFT wallet or generate their first non-fungible token“explained the organizer.”People have very strong opinions about these digital things. They believe it is pollution or just speculation. We want to invite them to discuss it with us and make them happy.“. In October, other events are planned, including raising awareness of technology for 400 high school students.

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