Here is grandma’s 100% effective tip for getting rid of insects

Imagine the following situation! You patiently wait for the end of the year to wear your favorite cozy sweater, and when you finally reach into your closet to grab a piece, you discover that the clothes moths have attacked it first. Tell your sweaters and cardigans you love them because you’ll never wear them again. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a suit that has been eaten by these critters. However, you can prevent this unpleasant episode from happening again. Here are some grandma tricks to keep bugs out of your closet and living room couch. Yes, what you read was right! The moths made holes in the upholstery of my fabric sofa and it was a disaster…

1. Freezing

This method can destroy clothing moths and is especially useful for items that cannot be dry-cleaned, such as accessories, jewelry and handbags. Seal them in airtight bags and put them in the freezer for a week. The temperature should be below -6°C.

2. Warming up

Heat also works as long as it is above 50°C for at least 30 minutes. The highest setting of the dryer will be done. Place the item in the appliance but be careful not to damage the texture of delicate woolen clothes.

3. Cedar

Moths have an impeccable sense of smell, so using strong scents to disorient them and drive them away from your home really works if you use a strong concentrate. The smell of cedar can be used in the form of oil.

Another way of getting rid of fabric moths is to use a cedar box. Wrap clean clothes in cotton and keep them inside.

Also use cedar balls, blocks, shavings or strips to keep moths away. Place them on cabinet shelves, in closets, drawers and suitcases. Also use cedar hangers to hang clothes.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar can be used in everything. And when it comes to repelling moths from your closet, it does the trick, too. The strong acidic smell irritates the insects and finally you can clean the area of ​​dirt, dust, eggs and larvae.

Start by cleaning all surfaces in your locker room with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of cabinets and drawers, drawer runners and liners, and under shelves. Also carefully examine the hooks, grooves and edges.

5. Herbs and spices to kill clothes moths

Besides using cedar sachets, there are various herbs and spices that you can use to repel and remove moths from clothes. So buy a bunch of small cloth bags and make your own insect repellent aroma sachet!

For example, prepare a potpourri of herbs such as rosemary, thyme, ginseng, and mint, as well as any other herbs or spices listed here to repel the creatures.

Fill lavender sachets and leave them in your cupboard and drawers. You can also sprinkle dried lavender flowers on shelves or spray lavender oil on cabinet surfaces and inside drawers.

Place fresh Indian lilac leaves or cotton balls soaked in its oil on shelves and in corners to repel moths. Similarly, sprinkle a dry powder of this herb on the shelves.

Add bay leaves to potpourri or sprinkle them directly on surfaces to control moth infestations.

Place cloves in a thick wad of tissue paper before placing them near or on clothing.

Place cinnamon packets in cupboards, drawers and garment bags to keep moths away.

how to get rid of fabric moths naturally

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