activist Roya Piraie tells France of her mother’s death during a demonstration

screenshot of Twitter Roya Piraie, Iranian activist (pictured left), tells France Inter how she cut her hair to protest against the regime in place in Iran.

screenshot of Twitter

Roya Piraie, Iranian activist (pictured left), tells France Inter how she cut her hair to protest against the regime in place in Iran.

IRAN – Another testimony to the violent repression taking place in Iran. In the morning of France Inter this Monday, November 14, the story of the activist Roya Piraie, during this special program on the current situation in Iran, confirms the violence with which the Islamic regime comes from the demonstrators.

From the beginning of revolution made two months ago in Iran, after the death of Mahsa Amini (a young Kurd who was arrested for improperly wearing a veil according to police morality), there was no shortage of testimonies of violent police repression.

And Roya Piraie’s is no exception to the rule. On the microphone of France inter, he recounted the way his mother died, during one of his bloody demonstrations, just a few days after the death of Mahsa Amini: “ I am the son of Minoo Majidi. He was killed on September 20 in my hometown Kermanshah, during a protest against the death of Mahsa Amini by the Islamic regime in Iran “.

Presenting a picture of her mother to the camera, the girl continued her account of the events: “ They killed my mother, point-blank. He was just participating in a demonstration, empty-handed. It was a peaceful protest “, he added. According to the details obtained by the activist from the medical examiner, ” 167 bullets » was found on the body of his mother who had been shot” back “.

A pair of scissors as an answer to anger

Deeply moved by the microphone of this special program from the Elysée, the young Iranian also shared the tragic circumstances of Minoo Majidi’s funeral. ” We had to bury my mother surrounded by security forces “, he testified.

shocked ” and in ” inability to speak and cry “in the early days after her mother’s death, Roya Piraie explained that she was” anger more than grief “. A situation that led the girl to multiply strong gestures. ” So I got a pair of scissors. I panicked then “, said Roya Piraie the moment she decided to cut her hair. This gesture of protest, which has become a symbol in Iran, is made in many countries around the world as a pledge of support for Iranian women.

If Roya Piraie wants to join the United Kingdom, where her brother currently lives, Emmanuel Macron (present in part of this program) offered the activist to stay in France, after announcing, on behalf of France, “Our admiration, our respect and our support, because their fight is a universalism of freedom in which we believe”.

This meeting between the Head of State and Iranian dissidents is not at all to the taste of Tehran, which is castigated ” a flagrant violation of France’s international responsibility to combat terrorism and violence”. According to Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, this meeting ” favoring these evil phenomena”.

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