The association “Caresse de Tigre” before the criminal court in Rouen for animal abuse

The “Caresse de Tigres” feline shelter located in La Mailleraye-sur-Seine near Rouen has been accused of animal abuse before the Rouen Criminal Court for several irregularities.

This Monday, November 14, 2022, a long hearing was held at the Rouen Criminal Court. The association “Caresse de Tigre” appeared in particular for the administrative shortcomings related to the opening to the public.

Since 2020, the “Caresse de Tigre” sanctuary located in La Mailleraye sur Seine near Rouen has been closed to the public. This closure follows a complaint filed by two animal defense associations: the “Agir pour le Vivant et les Espèces Sauvages” (AVES) association accuses the “Caresse de tigre” shelter of exploiting animals outside of any framework which is legal. 14 cats were taken by the French Office for Biodiversity. The international association Four paws (against wildlife trade) is also behind the case.

Their complaints began in December 2019. Almost a year later, French authorities finally caught 14 cats in the area. The animals are not placed in another shelter and physically remain at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine. Their prisons were put under seal. The shelter is run by some former tamers. The woman, Brigitte Klimond, continues to share her passion and the daily life of her animals on social networks.

The prosecutor requested suspended sentences and a fine of 6000 euros for Ms. Klimond, 4000 euros for his companion M Pezut and 10,000 euros for the “Caresse de Tigre” association. The case was adjourned to January 9, 2023.

The non-profit association “Caresse de tigre” presents itself as a refuge for big cats born in captivity, sometimes neglected or even mistreated by individuals or retired after years spent in tent The two founders are former circus performers. 25 years ago, they created the sanctuary to house their three retired tigers. On its website, the association insists on treating these animals “Love and respect”.

On social networks, some cat lovers show their support for the shelter and create a page where we can read: “As you know, Caresse de Tigre, an association that accepts and protects wild animals born in captivity, is the victim of a defamation campaign and has to face huge costs in legal proceedings (…)

They were prosecuted on various charges; However, after some analysis, the remaining suites are only linked to missing administrative elements related to opening to the public, during their various steps.. »

A call for donations, to support the couple in the legal proceedings, was launched but after several months of existence the virtual kitty shows only 140 euros from the 5000 expected.

The owners say they rescue animals from unscrupulous circuses and zoos, but in reality, Tiger Caress breeds big cats for commercial exploitation “, denounced Kieran Harkin, head of the fight against the wildlife trade for Four paws

AVES is continuing its accusations. Beyond breaking the law on visits, the seinomarine association accuses the sanctuary of playing a double game by creating the conditions for cats to breed in order to give their offspring to circuses and zoos. ” The association prides itself on saving animals but in fact promotes breeding to provide entertainment businesses. », asserts Christophe Coret, founder of AVES. It’s a shame for a shelter that regularly organizes fundraising to provide dignified reception conditions for the growing number of cats that join it.
Finally, the AVES association accuses the shelter of using physical violence against the animals. ” During our visits, we noticed that the owners of the shelter kicked some tigers to reprimand them. One might wonder what happens in the shelter when there are no visitors “, said Christophe Coret.

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