The complete program of the French Tech Day 2022

It’s time to unveil the full French Tech Day program! RDV on November 22, 2022 at 2:30 pm at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux for a unified ecosystem event. In the program:

✅ almost 40 speakers
✅ two scenes for double sharing
✅ short formats only
✅ different themes to preserve your business culture

Free, French Tech Day is open to everyone. Only required: you must register in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the event. So far, more than 1,300 have registered. So remember to do what is necessary now.

2:30 p.m The doors are open to the public

3 p.m Launch of French Tech Day

Scene 1

3:15 p.m Diversity, how do we move forward concretely?

Focus on the French Tech Springboard

“Startups, bet on diversity, it pays! »
Sarah Tahlaiti, Willa Operations Manager

“Unleashing a new generation of tech talent”
Anthony Babkine, general delegate and co-founder of Diversidays and Tech Your Place

3:50 p.m Effect, are we speeding up?

Announcement of 2022 winners of NA20 program

Program evaluation Low Carbon Startups
At the beginning of the year, La French Tech Bordeaux chose to conduct a carbon assessment and invite startups from the ecosystem to take part in the same approach to reducing the carbon footprint. This program, called Startup Low Carbon, was divided into several workshops where the winners were able to discuss their strategies, their successes, their difficulties… Olivier Papin, innovation manager at Nepsen, Rozenn Laliat (Axioma France) and Rémi Kupisz (NRGYBox ) will share their experience.

“Concrete solutions with impact”
Alix de Luze, Nouvelle-Aquitaine project manager at Emmaüs Connect and Paul-Adrien Cormerais, CEO co-founder of Pony

“The challenges of ecological blockchain”
Damien Robert, researcher at INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

“Making an impact… without waiting for 2050”
Julie Neuville, chief impact officer and co-founder of Materrup

4:55 p.m Demo Day, startups to follow in 2023

Discover nuggets from partner support structures (part 1)

5:10 p.m Carry on, they say

“Is the exit really over? »
Xavier Maurin, director of the telemedicine division of Enovacom, co-founder of Exelus

“Sales machine: how to go from 0 to 1000 customers? »
Laetitia Fall, host of the podcast Sold(e), co-founder of Seekube

“How to prepare for your startup’s failure”
Aidan O’Brien, co-founder of Gloo

“Hypergrowth, profitability and boostrap… is it possible? »
Julien Hodara, CEO of Libon

6 p.m Demo Day, startups to watch in 2023 (part 2)

Discover nuggets from partner support structures.

6:15 p.m French Tech Bordeaux: very dynamic!

Board entrepreneurs and founding members of La French Tech Bordeaux

6:45 p.m Get on board immediately: focus on change

“Why is a sustainable Cloud necessary for our European Tech ecosystem? »
Caroline Comet Fraigneau, Vice-President France, Benelux and Africa Middle East of OVHcloud

“On the move, connected and responsible”
Damien Garot, CEO and co-founder of Stellar

“From Navigator to Tech Entrepreneur”
Yves Parlier, CEO and co-founder of Beyond the Sea

7:30. Picture of the ecosystem and discussion time while drinking

Stage 2

3:15 p.m “Are unicorns hovering above the CO2 cloud? »

Shirley Jagle, Founding CEO of Kairos Agency

3:30 p.m “Will we save the world with augmented reality? »

Ambre Assor, PhD student INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

3:45 p.m “International yes, but not without funding”

Nicolas Sarramia, regional manager of international activities at Arkéa Banque Corporates and institutions

4 p.m “Why NFTs will survive it all. Even their media and speculative death”

Mathilde Le Roy, founding CEO of Kazoart

4:15 p.m “Will we be able to read minds by 2050? »

David Trocellier, PhD student INRIA Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

4:30 p.m “Can we make money with open source? »

Alexandre Chopin, COO of Nuxtlabs

4:45 p.m “Startup, large group: how to work together?” »

Katia Joneaux, innovation manager of Mutuelle Ociane Matmut and Benoit Egarnes, commercial director of Synapse Medicine

5 p.m “What is the lifespan of a deeptech startup founder? »

Jean-Luc Treillou, co-founder of startups API Distribution, Treefrog Therapeutics, Ysopia Biosciences

5:15 p.m “Software: how to fight the American steamroller?” »

Victor Douek, CEO of Sellsy

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