Eric Piolle received the “A City for Animals” scarf from L214

IN BRIEF – Éric Piolle and his Animal Condition Advisor received, on November 10, 2022, the scarf “A city for animals” presented by Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of the L214 association. Grenoble does top the list of cities established by the organization, known for its investigations and shock videos filmed in slaughterhouses.

Grenoble, city for animals? The capital of the Alps is in any case the first city in France where L214 members travel to reward elected officials. And for good reason: it topped his “A city for animals” ranking of municipalities with more than 150,000 inhabitants.

What brought him to such a place? “ We attach great importance to the democratization of plant-based food and the fight against intensive farmingunderlined Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of the organization. More than a label, we want to give encouragement to the communities that are part of this kind of approach “.

In March 2022, activists from L214 in Grenoble denounced the conditions for raising chickens under the Le Gaulois brand. © Joël Kermabon – Place Gre’net

The City has already made some efforts in the first mandate, establishing ecuroducts, nesting boxes or contraceptive dovecotes. They were increased at the beginning of the second term, in 2020, with the creation of a delegation for the condition of the animal linked to the municipal councilor Sandra Krief.

Result: Grenoble reached 65% of the standards to be reached by 2026, scoring 12.9÷20. According to L214, it is specific to a public order that excludes products tested on animals. And with the establishment of vegetarian menus in canteens, it has reduced the number of animals slaughtered for communal meals. However, the classification of municipalities may change. So there is no guarantee that Grenoble will remain in the lead in the coming months.

Grenoble confirmed the desire to go further

Eric Piolle assured in any case that he wants to stay the course. To do this, he just needs to follow the recommendations of the L214 site. Grenoble could allocate at least one euro per year and per inhabitant to improving animal conditions in the city, instead of 0.40 euros at present. Or exclude products from fish farms from public procurement. Or even stop sourcing from establishments that kill fish unsurprisingly.

Other possibilities available to the City: annually offers at least one school competition around animal ethics. Or adopt in the municipal council a request asking for a national ban on bullfights (see box) and bullfighting “schools”.

Sandra Krief is already announcing other steps towards the end of the mandate. For example, the admission of pets to nursing homes, the strengthening of training for the municipal police in the fight against animal abuse, or support for the homeless to take care of their animals. There are many opportunities to raise the issue in public debate.

Éric Piolle against bullfighting and vegetarianism… “in his public life”

The mayor of Grenoble admitted that he developed some subjects such as bullfighting, while he himself is from Béarn, a region close to those where the bullfighting tradition still lives. Like his delegate advisor Sandra Krief, Éric Piolle has only publicly positioned himself in favor of a bill against bullfighting brought by the animalist deputy Aymeric Caron, which will be debated in the National Assembly on November 24, 2022.

The mayor also explained that he evolved into vegetarianism. He will be a vegetarian “in his public life” for more than a year. “And obviously now when I’m at a restaurant,” he added. No telling, however, if he ate meat in private…

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