“The dogs ruined everything, we are no longer at home”

On that day, May 6, 2022, the teenager, among the oldest of the soon-to-be-seven children, did not steal out of malice from a supermarket in Grand Dax. But because of hunger.

“There are no words to describe the shame. I knew I had given up, I couldn’t take it anymore. When I saw my son come…

On that day, May 6, 2022, the teenager, among the oldest of the soon-to-be-seven children, did not steal out of malice from a supermarket in Grand Dax. But because of hunger.

“There are no words to describe being ashamed. I knew I had given up, I couldn’t do it anymore. When I saw my son come with the gendarmes, it was a relief,” testified the mother, tried in the court of Dax with his partner, father of five children.

Baby girl, grandmother and mother found naked in dirt

The 41 and 43-year-old couple appeared on Monday, November 14, 2022 for avoiding a parent from legal obligations, subjecting a vulnerable person to unfit living conditions and serious abuse of an animal.

In the middle of the dirt

On May 6, 2022, the gendarmes accompanied the teenager to the family home, a beautiful and luxurious Landes house located in a village in Grand Dax, they found the horror.

“A naked girl on the sofa with poop and flying everywhere”, children walking in the dirt, a 77-year-old woman also naked in her dirt and animals, in this case about twenty dogs, and a naked mother also , 41 years old, then four months pregnant, who was asked by the gendarmes to dress, portrays the president of the court, Laure Vuitton.

How did this family from Paris and Troyes, with a 600,000 euro inheritance affected on the mother’s side, sink into what everyone now describes as “human suffering”?

If a part was used specifically for the acquisition of a house in the same year, another, at least 200,000 euros, was wasted in weeks. “At first, we went out a lot: restaurant, quad, etc. “, hinted the mother of the family.

Until the day the bottom of the well was touched, in 2021. The budget of 12,000 euros that the couple, who were unemployed, agreed to withdraw from their accounts, suddenly increased to 12 euros per day. An amount used to buy starchy foods to feed the whole family and for father’s three daily beers.

“Better Life” at Home

In the social services that have identified them, the oldest of the siblings, aged 3 to 15, described that they lived in “permanent hunger”. They, “nice and polite” according to various schools, are mocked in the yard because of the smells, say they are “relieved not to live in the family home” and talk, since they were placed, of “better life”.

A former child care assistant, the 77-year-old grandmother, a dependent elderly person, now also feels safe in the retirement home. To the investigators who questioned him in May, he explained that it was his daughter who advised him to undress to manage his incontinence and that “the dogs kept coming into his room”, that they hurt him ” by kicking”.

“Either we pay for the SPA for the dogs, or we eat”

They, the 22 dogs that make up the household, most of them Malinois, who undoubtedly take over the house. “They are everything, we are no longer at home,” explained the mother at the helm, where the animals became security against the threats of her violent first husband.

“As soon as I left, the dogs became uncontrollable”, reasoned the comrade who did not look for work, because he left the army, traumatized.

Because of the extreme shock of their dogs, for the last two litters that they were unable to control and escaped from the prisons, the couple tried to join the SPA, the Society for the Protection of Animals, in March and April of the year this. “But you have to give 140 euros per dog. It’s either we pay the SPA, or we eat,” continued the restless mother, who now lives in a mother-child center with her last baby, who was born on September 12. Hoping that one day “to find our life before, to relive quietly”.

The public prosecutor asked for two years in prison with full suspension, obligations of care, work and training, prohibition of keeping any animal. “What would be the point of a stable prison? It’s a fair answer,” said Lucie Delage.

The Capbreton SPA, which collected around twenty dogs in great distress, is asking for 15,000 euros in damages.

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