Mathieu is transferred to Marseille and Barbara will call her baby Yaël – Plus belle la vie November 18, 2022 (final) | A better life

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4664 of Friday November 18, 2022 broadcast on France 3 with Bagong TV. Léa is happy to see Betty getting better. Policemen from the police station continue their duties. Mathieu stays with Ariane.
Read full PBLV recap season 18 episode 4664 of 11/18/2022 in preview with all photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

The mistral at the rendezvous of the Revel conference

Search full recap of Mas mandan buhay for Friday, November 18, 2022 episode 4664 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 17/11/2022 . Nouvelles-Télé offers you the full synopsis of the episode below:

Ariane is free, Mathieu is walking with her…and now Ariane has to take care of Ariane’s father’s papers. Mathieu offers to help her.

Ariane tells Mathieu that he helped her a lot. Mathieu made a transfer request to Marseille which was accepted. Ariane is happy.

Barbara struggles to find a first name for the baby, she confesses to Estelle that she is sorry that Abdel failed her in this difficult situation. Barbara broke free from Estelle’s arms.

Kylian helped Betty pack her bags. Betty announced to her mother that she was leaving home, she was moving. His mother is convinced that he will return when Kylian gets tired of him.

boher and nebout

The press conference exonerating the police at the police station

Ariane tells Mathieu about the times her father was angry with her mother. He hid under the table with his doll waiting for it to stop. Mathieu tells her he’s sorry he put her through all this. Mathieu explains to her that she is an incredible woman…the rest of the story will be beautiful. They will write it together.

Ariane's life is better

Ariane can start a new page in her life

Estelle tells Thomas and Gabrielle that she feels overwhelmed by Barbara. They decided to create a lavish group to propose a name to Barbara without being intrusive.

Lola admits to Kylian and Betty that she and Jules have been in a relationship since Halloween.

Laetitia better life

Laetitia and Kevin’s mother are always welding

Laetitia comes home from work, Kevin prepares fondue: Laetitia tells her that she can’t wait to attend the press conference to see how Kevin became a hero. He passed the conspiracy test with flying colors. Kevin admits that he is happy with Alexandra.

Léa arrives at Marci’s, she sees Betty working there. He serves her tea. Léa saw that Betty was happy and at peace. Betty tells him that she has started therapy.

The best life

Léa realizes that Betty has evolved

Nisma asks Abdel which male names he prefers: he doesn’t want to get involved with Barbara’s pregnancy.

Nisma says it gets weird: “His lack of attention almost becomes a sign of attention.” As soon as Nisma left, he decided to make his proposal as an unknown neighbor, he proposed the first name Yaël.

life is better

Mirta is happy that Kylian has taken over the bar

Better life before November 18, 2022 the final episode: Barbara chooses the baby’s name

Kylian created a photo wall at Mistral with pictures of the regulars. Mirta is not there, Kylian takes a photo with her on polaroid … so he can publish it. Mirta tells Kylian that Roland is where she is…he must be proud of her.

Jerome Belesta

Jérôme and Samia in the last scene

Ariane's life is better

Ariane has found her other half with Mathieu, she confesses to him

Barbara was moved by the list, and she liked a name she hadn’t thought of. It’s Yael.

Mathieu better life

Mathieu Lombard is the most caring person in the world

Revel held his press conference and confirmed that all the policemen at the police station were cleared of all suspicion. Boher thanks all the mistrals for their help (Luna, Léo, Thomas, Claire, Laetitia). Boher credits Claire and Léo “our Jonathan and Jenifer Hart from mistral” (note: nice reference to the cult series Pour l’amour du risque from the 80s). Guardian angels Samia and Jérôme are also present.

Barbara better life

Barbara struggling for the baby’s first name

Our opinion

The +

  • An endless sadness considering this is the last daily episode of Plus belle la vie (90mins more with a bonus to enjoy the characters one last time). It’s good that Mathieu stayed and Ariane finally knew happiness. Betty has calmed down and we can’t wait for a great finale for Barbara and Abdel…which we can feel slowly coming. A series that had its ups and downs but doesn’t deserve to be deleted…it will be missed in the hearts of many viewers. I hope it’s just goodbye and not goodbye. Maybe Plus belle la vie will live differently for a few months or years on a platform, as a spin-off… anything is possible.

To follow the last bounty to close the soap opera at 9:10 pm on France 3.

The news on the stop of Plus belle la vie which is formal for November 18, 2022.

Don’t miss all the information on how does Plus belle la vie end (the end for each character) and information on what will happen to PBLV actors after the series (their projects…).

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