Tech, an ally of choice in the fight against food waste

With 13 unicorns on the European market today, the FoodTech sector is growing rapidly and represents a strategic ecosystem for France. And for good reason, agricultural land and the agrifood industry, it has many assets to innovate in the service of food and environmental issues. As in other historical sectors, Tech initiates or accelerates innovations.

This is particularly the case in combating food waste and access to healthy food. Faced with alarming figures: 10 million tons of products are thrown away every year in France. Tech brings together agricultural and industrial players on the one hand, and customers with a growing ecological awareness on the other.

The Tech: to create a connection from fork to fork

Food waste numbers are eloquent and concern all links in the chain. For farmers or manufacturers, the amount of products that can be saved from waste is counted in tons per week. This includes, for example, fruits and vegetables that are “oversized” (too small, too big or crooked) or poorly labeled processed products. On the contrary, consumers who want to move can only save a few kilos. A difficult equation to solve, where Tech has made it possible to provide solutions.

For example, by offering a platform for declaring the amount of products or fruits and vegetables that are wasted, Tech first makes it possible to consolidate the supply of farmers and industrialists and offer a complete offer of unsold products to consumers. Then, through an order management app, it controls the physical flow of products, field or factory, to consumers’ homes. Finally, it guarantees better transparency between consumers and suppliers, to ensure quality and fair value distribution. Ultimately, Tech offers a direct channel between producers who want to save their products from waste – which represents around 5% of their stock – and customers who want to take action, whether they live in countryside or in the middle of cities.

Tech: prediction and personalization according to the needs of producers and consumers

In addition to opening the path between production and consumption, xla Tech makes it possible to better satisfy these two players. It is both a predictive and personalization tool. For consumers, they can choose from a wide range of products to save, brought together in one interface, while greatly simplifying everyday shopping. So they can consume “responsibly” as closely as possible to their needs and tastes. This simplicity, added to the economic advantage – up to 40% cheaper – makes the ecological gesture even more attractive!

For producers, Tech makes it possible to identify needs and predict the quantities required. In fact, there are no more unknowns about the volumes to be sold: consumer demand immediately increases in the chain, so that the volume of circulating products is exactly right. So less waste, less work and less cost.

Solid Tech solution to (always) optimize

Although many solutions have emerged in the last ten years to best meet the expectations of producers and consumers, there is still a long way to go. In particular, it is still possible to connect more and more producers and industrialists, to further reduce waste. For this, the automation of physical flows, knowledge of stocks in real time, the prediction of “excluded” products and needs thanks to Artificial Intelligence, will be the main assets of the future. Finally, it is still possible to make weekly shopping easier, thereby reducing the time dedicated to it – currently representing 2h41 per week according to INSEE – and the resulting mental workload.

For scaling up, investments – human and financial – are necessary, and must be accompanied by the commitment of all players in the sector. They are helped by the growing interest of Tech profiles for environmental and social topics. Thus, training courses are needed to encourage this awareness and increase the pool of talents, motivated to support the change within the agri-food sector towards a greener approach.

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