The ex-CEO of AB InBev will lead the parent company of Carglass

Former AB InBev boss Carlos Brito has replaced Gary Lubner as CEO of Belron. A century is turning for the windscreen subsidiary of the D’Ieteren group.

He told us in an interview in 2021: he will not remain inactive in any way. He kept his word… Carlos Brito, the former boss of AB InBev

will join Belron in January and assume his duties as CEO of the windscreen subsidiary (Carglass) of the D’Ieteren group

in March 2023, after the transition period.

A well-known businessman, Carlos Brito can take advantage of a extensive experience, including as CEO of AB InBev, a multinational with more than 164,000 employees. “Under his leadership, AB InBev has grown from a regional player to the largest beer company in the world, becoming one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, and one of the most profitable,” said Belron in a statement.

Among other works of armsThe Brazilian organized the acquisition of the leader of the American beer market Anheuser-Busch in 2008then the acquisition of 100% of the first Mexican brewer Modelo, before ending this brewing saga with the acquisition of SABMiller in 2016. A stunning course, with the only shadow being the burden of debt of the group, which he did not succeed in reducing as expected, among other things due to the outbreak of the pandemic crisis.

In sum, He spent 15 years at the helm of the Belgian-Brazilian giant and 30 years in the group’s service if we take as a starting point the Brazilian brewer Brahma, which became Ambev before the merger with Interbrew.

A century of Lubner

For Belron, it is one hell of a page that turns. Although D’Ieteren bought the company in 1999, the Lubners have been active in the company for a century. “My family has been in this business for over 100 years. Unfortunately, it has not been owned by my family for 60 years,” Gary Lubner smiled into our microphone in 2019.

“This is the chance I’ve been waiting for.”

Carlos Brito

Future CEO of Belron Group

Since taking over as CEO in 2000, Belron has continued to grow through geographic expansion and investment in new technologies such as windscreen calibration tools for driver assistance systems. The company is located today among the world leaders in auto glass repair, replacement and recalibration.

To put it plainly, Lubner was the man who became the true goose of the D’Ieteren group in Belron. It is back to us that theannouncement of his passing of the baton shook the teams internally while the man is very appreciated.

However, we have learned from the D’Ieteren group that Gary Lubner remains on the board of directors of Belron, where he still holds shares. He now plans to devote himself to philanthropy.

“Belron is a unique company which is at an important stage in its development and shows a growth path that is both clear and sustainable. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for,” said Carlos Brito.

“Retirement, such a terrible word“, he told us in an interview after the announcement of his departure from AB InBev. “I want to occupy myself full time, to have an influence.” Then, when we asked him what company and what responsibility he will take on, he replied that he has not yet made a choice. “The only thing I am sure of, he added, is that I like to work with people who share my values. That I can respect and teach me something.”

The summary

  • After 15 years at the helm of the Belgian-Brazilian giant, the former AB InBev boss succeeds Gary Lubner as CEO of Belron.
  • This is a page of a century of history turning for the parent company of Carglass and a subsidiary of the D’Ieteren group.
  • Gary Lubner will remain active on Belron’s board of directors, in which he still holds shares.

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