Aimée, €2,422 per month: “I give money to my mother so she can enjoy herself”

When starting out in professional life, how do you find a balance between saving money and being happy? What does the budget look like with reduced costs? Here are some of the questions we discuss in our Settlement section!

Talking about money, in France, is still taboo. However, it is a fascinating and feminist topic in some respects! In Fixing scores, people of all kinds examine their budget, tell us about their financial organization as a couple or alone, and their relationship with money. Today, Aimée agreed to review her accounts for us.

  • Name: Aimee
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Occupation: Product Manager
  • Net salary: €2,200
  • Place of life: an apartment where his mother rents, in Reims
  • Lives with: his sister, his mother and his wife
I see Aimee

I see Aimee

Aimée is a permanent product manager for a furniture brand. This is his first position, and he is being paid €2,200 net per month. Not him.her not yet subject to withholding tax.

“The fact of exceeding 2,000 € net per month just after your studies is correct, I consider myself well paid for entering the working life. »

He also holds 200 € per month on meal vouchers. In total, his monthly budget therefore amounts to €2,422.

Aimée’s salary on the salary curve in France

The organization of Aimée and her family

Aimée lives in Reims, 45 minutes by TGV from Île-de-France where she works. After living in the inner suburbs of Paris during his studies, he returned to settle down in the family apartment:

“After finishing my studies, I don’t know how long it will take me to find a job. I don’t even know what I want to do, whether I will apply in France or abroad. Instead of paying expensive rent in Paris, I decided to go back to my mother. »

Today he lives with his sister, his mother and her husband in a 95 m² apartment that his mother rents for €751 per month.

“My mother manages the rent, the bills and the basic goods. Together with my sister, we go shopping every month, for delicacies or for specific items.

Every month, I give 150 € to my mother to make him happy. When I can give him more, I do, sometimes less. It’s not for rent or for bills: even though I no longer live with him, I will continue to give him as much as I can. »

Aimée’s expenses

Aimée did not no charge for accommodation or fees. His biggest item of fixed costs? Transportation.

“I pay a TGVMax subscription at €79 per month, which allows me to work and go away for the weekend. To get around Île-de-France, I also have a subscription to Parisian public transport for 75 € per month.

In all, therefore, it is About 154 € charged me per month for transport. My employer is returning half of my Navigo pass, including my salary. I should also ask for help for TGVMax, but I haven’t sent my receipt yet…”

Every month, €9.99 was charged to his account for a music streaming service, as well€0.99 for a cloud subscription and €9 insurance. His bank charges are €7.

He participates in his family’s food shopping for approx €100 per month.

“My mother and her husband do the main shopping, and my sister and I buy small pleasures and “artifices”. I go to supermarkets or specialty grocery stores in Paris or near my house , and I don’t really look at the prices. I value the taste more! I am allowed to cook certain foods. »

To eat lunch at his workplace, he uses his restaurant tickets or prepares his meals in advance.

Aimée’s expenses

Aimée’s relationship with money

When you have the opportunity to do this, you have to enjoy life. This is my motto! » Aimee explained. For him, money is made to be spent.

“My mom raised me and my brother alone, and she used all her money to pay the bills. Little fun, kind or otherwise, it’s only for big occasions! At first it was because he couldn’t afford it. But when he started to earn a little, he continued everything: he was afraid that the refrigerator or the washing machine would break us, so he put it aside.

That’s why it’s important to me to have fun. I’m not overdrawn, but when I pay my bills I spend most of my money. I tell myself that if I die tomorrow, it won’t help me to have money lying around somewhere., that I cannot deny myself and live only by paying my bills. »

“My hobbies are very important to me”

The family’s relationship with money gave Aimée the desire to have hobbies and not restrict her “pleasure” expenses, even if it meant describing them afterwards as cracks:

“During my birthday month, I ate at three different gourmet restaurants. It also happened to me to pay a concert ticket 150 € for one of my favorite artists, because I took it at the last minute. »

He points out, however, that these shenanigans are rare. On a daily basis, his leisure budget is mainly devoted to restaurants, where he likes to go once or twice a week with his loved ones.

“I spend around €300 per month on restaurants/food. At this place, I don’t count and I use my restaurant tickets. I still want to set up a budget and limit myself a bit…”

Having subscribed to an unlimited cinema subscription for 22 € per month, he goes to the cinema several times a week. He also likes to go to the museum, which costs him very little, or see shows that are important to him 25 € monthly budget fixed throughout the year.

With his TGVMax card, he often has access to free or very cheap train tickets for the weekend. He takes the opportunity to travel to France or Europe three times a year, for a budget of around €250, ie 62 € per month throughout the year.

In total, his entertainment budget therefore amounts to 408 € monthly.

“If my hair isn’t pretty, I’m not pretty”

Each month, Aimée allocates approx €100 for so-called “feminine” expenses, related to expectations that specifically affect people who are considered women in society.

“It’s not a monthly budget, I rather do these expenses every two months. I waxed my eyebrows which cost me €7, I bought about €40 worth of face and body creams, lotions, deodorants… I have sensitive and problematic skin, so skincare is a big budget for me. »

Aimée likes to take care of her textured hair, and doesn’t cut corners in this regard.

“If my hair is not good, I am not good, the important thing is that I can spend on it. I buy about €30 worth of shampoos and powders every two months, and I can spend up to €100 on my hairstyle. Sometimes I buy highlights and my hair alone, sometimes I pay for a service, it depends. »

Aimée’s savings

Aimée only saves for specific projects. When this is not the case, he is likely to spend most of what he earns:

“When I don’t have a specific project, I buy clothes, I go to restaurants more often, I spend the weekend with my friends… I’m always looking for something to spend! Some months until there is nothing left in my account, others until I only have a few hundred euros left.

When I lived on my own, I was the same, but going back to my mother was more expensive! This is something I would like to change. »

Right now, Aimée has plans to travel to Mexico at the end of the year. He allocates $700 per month for this purpose. And in the long run?

“I want to buy an apartment in Reims, get a license and buy a car. »

Thanks to Aimée for opening her accounts with us!

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