Why go through a web agency for your e-commerce site?

In 2020, 34% of SMEs in France do not yet have a website. To support you in such a project, you need an expert web agency in e-commerce.

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The various reasons to use a web agency

Your company has already recorded several years of activity. However, recently, sales have started to decline. You can no longer keep up with the young competing companies. Then it’s time for you to work with e-commerce experts who will help you boost your sales.

Why is open source a limited solution?

These open source tools allow you to build a site tailored to your needs. However, they have their limitations. In fact, the more specific your needs, the more technical skills you will need to achieve them.

Have an expert team

A website requires the collaboration of various professions to be optimal. At the web agency L’Agence123, your file is managed by a project manager surrounded by experts in development, webmarketing, referencing, webdesign. These different skills allow you to get a tailored and complete service.

Grow your business online

Not yet on the web? In this case, the first step is building your site. Such a project requires a large investment, especially in terms of time.

In fact, it is not necessary to be limited to only putting the e-commerce site online. Web agencies also oversee the development of an effective communication strategy to attract traffic. Among other things, it consists of creating advertisements on social networks as well as organic posts by following a real editorial schedule adapted to your brand and setting up a newsletter system. This allows you to inform customers of promotions and new products on the site while expanding your audience and brand awareness.

Have some tools that only professionals use

It’s not always easy to hire an in-house digital marketing specialist. In this case, it is more economical to seek the services of an agency. In addition, the latter provides you with several resources to follow the evolution of your online store. These tools may be intended for:

  • observe the competition;
  • marketing automation;
  • website development;
  • SEO optimization.

Focus on running your business

Your project is growing but you don’t yet have the means to hire a team that specializes in digital marketing. Therefore, it requires a greater commitment on your part. You must invest time and money in launching the campaign.

However, this process can take time and the result is often not there. A web agency will take care of all the tasks related to your e-commerce site. Among other things, they are concerned with the integration of new products or payment methods

This gives you time to focus on running your business: developing new products, maintaining customer relationships, finding new customers, attending fairs, managing staff.

Get measurable results

Before investing in a project, a manager needs a guarantee that he will have a return on investment. This is the case of creating an e-commerce site. In the field of digital marketing, a web agency identifies you with relevant indicators to measure ROI.

These indicators are called KPIs. Among other things, they reveal the performance of your site: traffic, cart abandonment rate, conversion rate, sales, etc.

The agency also provides periodic reports so you can monitor the progress of your activities.

The initial steps before hiring the services of a web agency

The health crisis has disrupted the consumption habits of many households. Consumers are more inclined to make their purchases online. In this context, you decide to digitize your company. To realize your project, you need to use the services of an agency, however, you do not know how to do it

Determine your needs first

Before conducting the research, it is important to define your needs. This first step already allows you to remove some agencies from your list. So, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a merchant site or a showcase site?
  • What features do I need: blog, newsletter, etc.?
  • Is it necessary to have a responsive design platform?

The answers to these questions allow you to better understand the first appointment with a web agency.

An Abundance of Choices

By typing “web agency” into your search engine, you will discover dozens of service providers in your geographical area. These professionals are divided into several categories:

  • the self-employed who offer specialized services;
  • local and national agencies,
  • international agency.

However, you should not stick only to the size of the structure. It is important to carefully study your offer as well as your area of ​​expertise. This allows you to cross-reference your own needs.

References to form an opinion

As with all providers, you will find some professional companies and others that lack experience. To form an opinion on their professionalism, it is best to consult the opinions of former clients and the projects on which the company has already worked. For example, the Agence123 team specializing in e-commerce based in Paris and Bordeaux, has been working for prestigious clients such as Kway since 2015 or Cornilleau since 2014. You can see examples of sites created already on their platform.

The various services offered by a web agency specializing in e-commerce

In order to catch up with your direct competitors, you want to create a quality e-commerce site that meets the standards imposed by Google. In this case, you need the skills of digital experts. Here are the different types of services offered by a web agency.

web development

This profession appeared at the same time as the Internet. It refers to the process of coding a web page using technical language. This expertise is essential for content to reach its target, i.e. Internet users. You can find some agencies like L’Agence123 that will be Platinum PrestaShop certified since 2010 and also in other CMS like WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Drupal and logistics solutions, ERP, PIM…

A web developer takes care of the technical functions associated with a site or an application. The client presents a specification that sets out his specific needs. The expert suggests technical solutions adapted to each point mentioned.

Web development is not limited to the deployment of a new site. It also includes the diagnosis of problems that may arise on a site that is already working.

Web design

In recent years, web design has become a specialty in its own right. It consists of making the information as well as the content present in an application or a site more attractive and dynamic, often called UX/UI.

  • Webdesign takes care of the following points:
  • – the ergonomics of the site;
  • – internal navigation;
  • – the structure of the tree;
  • – aesthetics.


This term brings together techniques used to optimize your site. When a platform is well referenced, it benefits from a positioning on the first page of Google results.

SEO can be natural (SEO) or paid (SEA). The first one involves the application of some tricks to improve your site such as short loading time, different content, better navigation. The second refers to paid advertisements through platforms such as Google Ads. You can visit our site to see our latest certifications.

Social media

At the beginning of the era of social networks, a social media agency mainly dealt with communication and animation on its client’s main accounts. This is called community management or social media management.

Since then, the practice has evolved. Social networks are at the heart of digital communication. Thus, the missions of web agencies extend to the optimization of the communication strategy, the definition of KPIs, the proposal of regular content, the identification of the networks that best suit the company’s policy.

PrestaShop CMS expertise

PrestaShop was launched in 2007 in France. This intuitive CMS attracts users with its simplicity. Thanks to this solution, you have a 100% customizable store. Moreover, it requires little investment. Moreover, L’agence123’s expertise in this CMS has earned it the “PrestaShop Partner Platinum Agency” certification, which is the publisher’s highest certification. In the final score, the agency was 8th out of 253.

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