Black Friday Week: we pick the only great tech deals worth your money

It’s Black Friday! Finally, Black Friday Week that still has all the aspects of Black Friday. As every year, Numerama in 2022 takes you through the maze of great plans to keep only what is really worth considering. Get out of the falsely crossed out prices, the violently claimed titles and the -80% that are too tempting: we only keep the top offers here and we present them to you according to your requirements – great product at the right price.

Black Friday is launched by the traditional Black Friday Week of all French e-merchants or operating in France. This season of promotions promises to be rich this year, with really interesting products, sold at knockdown prices. We think of accessories, headphones or the latest generation of Apple products. As every year, we have created a good selection of offers that are worth your money: they are recommended by the editorial staff or in our guides and tests.

Our colleagues from Fandroid keep a live on all season offers.

iPhone 12 mini: €639 instead of €739

The iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini is two years old, but it’s a great smartphone. And while Apple has increased all prices in its catalog and removed the mini version from its 14 range, the small smartphone sold on Black Friday is a godsend for equipping yourself at the end of the year. It was 10/10 in our 2020 test.

Is it a good price? It is regularly found between 689 and 739 €. The reduction is therefore not great, but it is one of the best possible prices for a new product.

Logitech MX Master 2S: €43 instead of €109

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Logitech MX Master 2S

The Logitech MX Master 2S is the mouse that powers our entire editorial office. We love it for its legendary ergonomics, its buttons under the thumb and its fun wheel to use. In short, a must-have that can suit gamers looking to get away from the bling bling of products. playing.

Is it a good price? In recent months, we have seen it at around 60 € minimum. So at 43 €, it’s a bargain: go for it.

Roomba i3+: €329 instead of €430

A Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner is yes

Humanity owes iRobot more than Boston Dynamics: autonomous vacuum cleaners are better than robot dogs. Lazy talk. The Roomba is better suited for laziness when it’s coupled with a self-draining system like the i3+. Honestly, a robot vacuum is the kind of product where you wonder why you denied yourself this luxury for so long when you bought it and Roombas are so good.

Is it a good price? Absolutely! The price history we have observed is never lowered below 400 € for a new product. At €329, it’s a bargain.

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Black Friday // Source: Adèle Foehrenbacher for Numerama

Logitech StreamCam: €86 instead of €159

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The Logitech StreamCam

Want to get into streaming? StreamCam by Logitech is your best gateway to get sharp 1080p photos of you. This is what we also use on our desktop computers without a webcam. And that much will tell you that we love it.

Is it a good price? It has seen around €80 in recent months. €86 is not the best price, but it is a fair price.

Withings Body+: €69 instead of €99

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Withings Body+ on Black Friday

Withings is the French champion of connected health and its products are of excellent quality. The Withings Body+ scale is one of our favorites: it allows you to track your weight precisely, but also knows the precise curves of various parameters, such as muscle mass, fat or water. In other words, there are so many parameters that make it possible to achieve weight or mass goals.

Is it a good price? €69 is the average selling price in recent months. Neither a good price nor a bad price: a fair price.

Bose QC 45 headphones: €199 instead of €269

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Bose QC 45 headphones

Bose doesn’t just have its fans, but if you like the manufacturer’s slightly metallic sound, these are the high-end headphones for you. The Bose QC 45, a worthy successor to the QC 35, are excellent active noise-cancelling headphones, with a comfortable headband and compatibility with all current smartphones. We appreciate its industrial style that isn’t too much.

Is it a good price? It is usually found around 269 €, so 199 € is a good price for this good helmet.

Meta Quest 2 at €399 instead of €449

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The Meta Quest 2

There is no better consumer headset today to enjoy virtual reality in great questions. Meta Quest 2 allows you to play all the great titles available in the market and allows you to enjoy these immersive video games wirelessly in just under two hours. It’s a helmet we like at Numerama and won’t be going out of style anytime soon, given the prices asked to take advantage of the new generation.

Is it a good price? The reduction is not huge, but the helmet is not often discounted.

Echo Dot 5 at €24 instead of €59

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The Echo Dot 5

Amazon’s fifth generation Echo Dot is one of the small connected speakers updated in 2022. It can be the center of your connected home while being rather mobile operating system agnostic: it is not published by Google or by Apple and therefore works everywhere.

Is it a good price? He hasn’t dropped in price since his release, so this is his first promotion.

Anker PowerPort+ at €32 instead of €41

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Anker PowerPort+

Oh what a great catch! Anker makes some great power adapters and many of their range are on sale for Black Friday. Our offering is capable of both USB-A and USB-C power output. It can charge up to 60W, which will be more than enough for your smartphones and will also be suitable for devices that need more power, such as computers.

Is it a good price? Outside the Marketplace, its price curve is unchanged. Wrestling a few euros on such an accessory is therefore a good opportunity to equip yourself.

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